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Staying Relevant In The Digital Transformation

Two Characteristics Every Professional Needs

Most of us grew up with a linear thought process about life, at least from a professional standpoint. We all believed that we would learn for 20 years, work for 30 years, and retire for about 20 years?

Well, that concept has vanished. Specialists are now saying that people will retire and start at least five new careers during their productive life. Digital transformation is the biggest propeller of this change. New technologies, new ways of doing business, and infinite possibilities of how enterprises can integrate, collaborate and co-create solutions are the new reality for all professionals. The new technologies made available to us every day are demanding two major characteristics of the active professional:

Constant Learning Mode

As mentioned earlier, we all need to keep up with new technologies, solutions, options and techniques, otherwise we will become outdated professionals, which is not good for our companies and absolutely not for our careers. The desire to know how digital transformation is impacting the business is a must. The good news is that information is now available anywhere. There’s no need to go back to a traditional classroom to access the best information. A great deal of universities and entities dedicated to providing education and training are making their content available for very reasonable prices and most of the time for free. So it’s really up to you to start closing the gap today.

Multidimensional Vision

Companies are establishing collaboration ecosystems, exploring best-of-breed technologies, multiplying capacity of creation and delivery, and putting the puzzle together by simply acknowledging the fact that nobody can do everything by themselves. Working with others is not a sign of weaknesses. Instead, it’s a great characteristic found in many industry leaders and role model companies.

The key for professionals is to develop the ability to navigate these ecosystems by establishing the workload and dominating the coordination of activities within the ecosystem. In a nutshell, we need to stay up to date with technology, and learn how to face this new reality brought to us by the incredible digital transformation.


*Spencer Gracias is CEO for Stefanini North America/APAC

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