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Leading Transformation For Businesses In The Nordics

How Stefanini can support your business leverage transformation?

The progression of digital transformation is affecting every aspect of business and is particularly impacting businesses in the Nordic countries, which presents both great opportunities and challenges for organisations to be aware of.

The success of a business hinges on its ability to modernise processes in line with existing technology to deliver quality products and services. In the Nordic countries, it has become impossible to ignore the need to evolve business processes in the retail, manufacturing and FinTech spaces with developing technology, high demand from consumers and changing customer expectations.

There is no better time than now to take advantage of the possibilities that digital transformation offers in this region. With digital transformation, businesses in the Nordic countries can:

  • Enter the market with newer and more developed products and services, expanding the potential offering
  • Improve operational efficiency to become more efficient, cost effective and competitive
  • Improve customer experience and drive brand recognition

What are the main obstacles associated with transformation?

While essential, the process of business transformation requires an expansion of core competencies and a reimagination of existing processes. Businesses in the Nordic regions face specific challenges when it comes to transformation:

  • Competition to transform:

When many organisations in this space transforming their businesses with industry innovations like automation and AI in both factories and shop floor warehouses, new consumer software including click and collect and picking apps, there is a pressure to transform to remain competitive and relevant.  

  • Cost efficiencies:

With all the potential innovations and competitive activity, business must focus on balancing their transformation against cost efficiency.

  • Talent considerations:

There is also the question of acquiring the technical skills to deliver this transformational strategy. To integrate new digital processes, high-skilled professionals like engineers, developers, subject matter experts and project managers will need to be accessed. Other companies across Europe are creating a very competitive recruitment environment for business as they are also targeting professionals in the Nordic countries and across Europe/

  • Overseas talent:

With accessing high-skilled talent outside the country, there also comes other challenges associated with employer policies and logistics. Things like time-zone differences, hybrid work models, cyber security concerns and local employment laws for example must also be considered.

How can businesses in the Nordics ensure they see successful transformation?

Successful digital transformation first comes with a flexible yet bold mindset, one that is able to see beyond the resources afforded by local talent pools. Businesses must consider talent beyond immediate neighbouring countries and assume an international mindset if they want to gain the attention of major global players.

In the modern business landscape, flexibility and hybrid working experimentation is certain worth exploring, however this poses certain risks as well. Being aware of and increasing cyber security measures is necessary when developing these work systems.

Perhaps the most vital component in ensuring successful digital transformation is forming a partnership with the right technology solutions company. The right company will understand your culture and local market, guaranteeing access to the right expert skill sets and a personal approach to your business needs.

How can Stefanini support your business transformation?

Stefanini values investing time and resource into gaining a comprehensive understanding of the company, culture and ambitions of its clients in a process we call “Co-creation”. It means:

  • Working together to create end-to-end custom solutions

“We create a complete picture of their operations to inform our solutions.” – Guy Lukebani, Business Development Manager.

“We can provide end-to-end SLAs to store availability to POS availability, AI and automation depending on the full scope of their needs.” – Bogdan Galusca, Director of Business Development.

To meet your goals, our custom solutions encompass assessing supply chains, vendors and end-client considerations so that nothing falls through the gap.

  • Local approach and global resources

Stefanini has offices in 45 countries, and our Nordic operations have 120 people who speak your language, understand your culture, and know the specific landscape of business opportunities available to you.

Not only do our people on the ground in Stokholm and Gothenburg understand the local market, but we also have access to international subject matter experts, ensuring you get the right expertise, industry knowledge and skill sets supporting your transformation.

  • Face-to-face support

But most importantly, when working with Stefanini to embark on your digital transformation journey, you will always have access to an expert who can meet you for a fika to discuss your needs and co-create with you.

Ready to transform your business? Get in touch with Stefanini today.

Transforming your business and leveraging the opportunities open to businesses in the Nordic countries means finding a long-term technology solutions partner. At Stefanini, we work with you to cocreate a better future, providing you access to cutting-edge technology solutions designed to give your business an edge over your competition.

Get in touch today to discuss how our Nordic operations can support your needs.

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