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How To Repurpose Your Social Media Content For Email Marketing

There are various ways that entrepreneurs can market their content, including social media marketing and email marketing. However, developing new content ideas and implementing them on various marketing channels can get very frustrating and time-consuming. This is where repurposing content comes in handy.

In this article, we will look at ways to repurpose social media content for email marketing.

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What Does It Mean to Repurpose Content

Simply put, this is the process of transforming existing content into another piece of content to use on another channel. In this case, repurposing your social media content for email marketing is changing your social media content such that it becomes helpful in connecting with your audience through email.

Marketers use this strategy to reach subscribers rather than create new email content ideas regularly. Knowing how to combine social media with email marketing can go a long way in helping you generate more leads.

While social media lets you reach a broad audience and get feedback, email is a reliable way to develop a relationship with prospective customers and turn subscribers into loyal customers.

To reap the benefits of these digital marketing strategies, you need to know how to repurpose your content to apply from one channel to another. Generally, this can help you reach a new audience, drive more traffic, and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

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Practical Tips for Repurposing Your Social Media Content for Email Marketing

Now that you know what repurposing your social media content to email marketing is let us look at its ways.

1. Rounding Up Your Best Social Media Posts

If you have social media posts that have performed well during the year; you can transform them into a roundup email. You can recap your most shared or liked posts or content posted by your audience and share them with your email subscribers. This is more like giving them a glimpse of what they have missed on social media.

Share authentic content like your most liked images to persuade your email audience to visit your product pages. Consequently, this can lead to increased sales.

2. Transform Your Content into Visuals

One way to combine your social media and email marketing is by including visuals in your social media content. Visual content is more engaging and is likely to attract the attention of your email audience and encourage them to click on your content.

Besides videos, you can also add infographics, memes, and other engaging visuals. Infographics are a fascinating way to deliver information. You just need to be creative and know which parts of your email to include. Charts that are constructed well can also be included in your email. It can convey a lot of information through graphical presentation rather than presenting them in literary form.

Almost 41% of online marketers state that they have reached their marketing goals utilizing infographics and 24% with video presentations and a matter of 15.4% of them stated that charts aid them in achieving their target sales.

3. Add Your Social Feed in Your Email

Embedding your social feed in your email effectively blends your social media and email marketing efforts. Adding your social media feed, including Instagram feed, in your email allows your email subscribers to get a different perspective of your brand. It also keeps them updated about your product or service, making them more familiar with your offering. 

There are a number of social media feeds that you can use for free which are popularly used today by almost everyone. They can generate updates featuring your products as often as you upload information and can bring your content to the leads that you intend to reach. They let your clients and future ones be aware of your presence, the products, and the services that you offer.

4. Include User-Generate Content

Social media makes it possible for people that like your brand and products to share your content on different platforms and tag you in their photos. With more than one billion users, Instagram and other social media platforms let other people like and share your content online.

For instance, if a customer likes a particular product, they can share photos on social media and tag you on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can then repurpose the user-generated images as part of your email marketing.

This serves as inspiration for your email subscribers and is an excellent way to showcase your benefits without being overly promotional. Ultimately, it can help generate new leads from your email subscribers.

Remember that, Satisfied customers are always generous to also share the page of a product which they used that pleased them, this is another effective way to access selling points to customers.

5. Embed Social Media Testimonials

Like user-generated photos, testimonials and reviews are excellent social proof of your brand and offerings. By sharing your customer testimonial and reviews with your email subscribers, you send a message that your brand and products are trustworthy and authentic.

It is an effective way to showcase what sets you apart, which can build prospective clients’ confidence. They are also more likely to sign up for a free membership trial.

Testimonials are a very effective tool even in email marketing, the tendency of one client to trust the review of another client who was pleased with the product is very powerful in figuring out whether they will proceed with either transaction or purchase on your product.

6. User-Generated Quotes

Do you have a list of quotes that your social media followers have shared on social media emanating from your post discussions? If so, this is a great way to engage and inspire your subscribers. Create a list of user-generated quotes that you believe will enhance lead generation and increase sales.

User- Generated Quotes are effective in such a way that they may reflect contents regarding their personal opinion and preference towards the product and services you render.

7. Repurpose Poll Results

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram let you run polls to get insight into your brand and offerings from your customers. The good news is that you can repurpose the poll results into email content, presenting thought-provoking insights to your email subscribers.

Social media poll results can start a conversation and increase engagement with your subscribers. Targeted Campaign Management is an important factor behind polls to reach out to prospective customers. Campaigning through polls identifies with the audience to find out what they say and think about your brand and offerings.

This strategy can go a long way in promoting trust in your email subscribers. Besides, you can encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your email to get details of the complete poll results. It can also be an effective way to collect information and data that may be related to your product.

8. Share your Takeaways in Events and Webinars.

A simple bulleted list of the lessons that you have learned or points that gave you enlightenment during training or webinar is an effective way to increase following through your email marketing which may eventually turn into a loyal client.

Usually, you will attract here clients who may have the same need or interest in the takeaways that you have learned. Presenting it in precise yet striking words compels your email audience to think and take action.

The skills of notetaking during the training or webinar are very important to capture the exact words used by the lecturer. It may also be necessary to mention the name of the organization or the person from which you have adapted the lessons you will share in your emails.

9. Using Group discussion in Social Media

Most of the products and services you may share through your email marketing are basically significant to the present situation in your whether in your locality or even in distant places.

Make use of Group Discussions in Social Media as leverage to promote the importance and relevance of your offer. You can also consider the effect of urgency towards availing your product.

In this view, you are not just generating sales but you are actually helping your customer to be prepared for any uncertainty that may take place in the future that can be catered through your product or services thus, you are actually helping them.

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Repurposing your social media content into your email marketing campaign helps you get more value for your content. With proper social media management, you can get the best of both worlds, saving you time and money and increasing your sales.

Author: This article was written by Lauretta of Yes Assistant, YesAssistant provides a well-organized and flexible virtual assistant service. We provide remarkable service, and support that provide our clients with more time and focus to grow their business.

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