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How The Best Companies Optimise The Christmas Online Shopping Experience

Major retailers and manufacturers spend months perfecting their e-commerce strategies for peak trading periods like Christmas. This year global e-commerce sales are expected to rise by 15% during the holiday period. Optimisation not only guides your customers to the items they want to buy, but utilises personalisation, AI, social commerce and other digital solutions to direct customers to products.

Tips And Tricks To Optimise The Online Holiday Experience

Not all holiday optimisation needs to be digital. Amazon uses simple but effective techniques, like themed packing tape, that improve the customer experience. Here are some more strategies you can try:

  • Give your website a festive theme: Use festive hero banners, countdowns, and holiday colour schemes to call attention to the season
  • Bundle products together: Set up a dedicated product category for bundled items and enhance them with festive or prestige product names
  • Add giveaways to orders: Add a small giveaway or themed gift to orders over the holiday period
  • Add a gift wrap option: Offer wrapping and packaging options like gift wrap, removing the purchase price, festive tissue paper or themed tape
  • Get your SEO Christmas ready: Index relevant keywords for your business categories, be specific and tailor your keywords to your offering
  • Develop festive social commerce campaigns: 80% of young shoppers will use social platforms to buy gifts this year. Build social livestreams and videos into your festive campaign

Don’t forget:

Your Christmas optimisation campaign should consider delivery lead times and operational aspects, such as overtime and annual leave. Ideally you should build in at least 12 days of ad time before the Christmas period.

Optimise your e-commerce for Christmas and beyond

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