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How AI Can Help Build Your Brand Experience In 2022

A couple of years ago, Forbes has issued a prediction that artificial intelligence (AI) would the future of the establishment and maintenance of satisfactory interactions between brands and their customers. They’ve projected that around 95% of customer experience will be managed by the AI by 2025.

No doubt, the introduction of AI has revolutionized the world of machines by enabling them to mimic human intelligence when performing tasks that are usually required manual operator actions. With the majority of the leading businesses making investments in AI technologies, it is imperative for you to investigate whether similar investments are the right move for your business.

So, how can this technology help improve your branded experiences in 2022? Let’s take a look at some of the many innovations AI is bringing to brand management:

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Agile Data Analytics with AI

Having systems that can analyze big data generated by customer journey interactions is an indispensable tool for comprehending customer behaviours and improving brand awareness.

Big bata analysis allows you to make an educated decisions on how to achieve certain business objectives. What would otherwise be a time-consuming manual process that demands a lot of hard work is nowadays made easier thanks to AI automation. Besides saving precious resources, such as time and money, AI can help build your brand by collecting information about your target audience in a transparent and consensual manner.

You can gather valuable data on current customer preferences and anticipate upcoming trends, all while complying with relevant data protection and privacy laws. We’ll provide a bit more context on this a bit later in the article. In other words, AI solutions give you agile means of obtaining high-quality analysis of market demand and provide insights on how to allocate your resources to meet demand.

AI enable high-quality data analysis partially because it excludes human operations from the process, saving time, and serves up actionable insights. This enables agile transformations of branded experiences while reducing the frequency of potential human errors.

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Personalized Sales Journeys

Your business can use an AI to prioritize which leads it should pursue. Ultimately, you want to spend your resources attracting leads that are most likely to convert and click that “buy” button.

By analyzing the characteristics of your target audience, actions that they have taken, the market in which they’ve taken them, and the results of previous sales attempts, AI will enable you to make a more robust sales pitch and meaningful steps in the buying journey that addresses the particular needs of your customer in a satisfactory way.

You don’t want your customers to feel like they’re manipulated by a robot. If you want an AI system to provide you with an accurate solution, you need to feed it excellent data. The quality of data input enables a series of optimized pathways, including AI-powered chat bots that can lead natural conversations with your customers, without them sounding too opportunistic.

Personalization shows that you’re listening to your customers’ stories and makes your brand stand out as one that demonstrates value at each stage of the customer journey. In return, this leads to a stronger relationship between the brand and the customer, which is essential for your business’s long-term success.

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Data Protection and Privacy Law Compliance

Unfortunately, instances like the repeated data breaches seen on Facebook have caused users to lose their trust in the company, and you don’t want navigate similar reputation challenges in your business.

Furthermore, it has been shown that data breaches can cost businesses up to $392 million, which most businesses could never recover from. This cost alone justifies security spending. So, if you want to invest in something, invest in those data security tools that will save you from costly lawsuits.

AI automations not only create more robust security measures but can enable customers to take actions and ensure information they share remains secure. Using a password manager can help you store all of the sensitive customer data while enabling agile customer service tools. This serves to protect brand value and reputation

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AI Enabled Digital Marketing

McKinsey global Institute has estimated the impact of AI on digital marketing in the sales industry will generate trillions of dollars. Yes, you heard that right: trillions!

For example, an AI algorithm can predict what keeps your customers engaged and offer them personalized recommendations based on those predictions. A great example of this is Starbucks mobile app that collects and analyses purchase data to send personalized marketing messages with special offers.

Another great way to utilize AI in marketing is for email personalization. Sending a personalized email to all of your customers is practically impossible, especially if you’ve got hundreds and thousands of them, unless you’ve got an AI email tool on your hands.

AI can analyze the way your customers interact with your website, where they spend most of their time and what their topics of interest are, which can help you optimize your emails for maximum engagement and conversion rate. One study has even found that businesses can benefit from hiring top AI companies in efforts to increase their sales. In fact, marketers have reported 52% sales increase, 51% customer retention increase and 49% success at new product launches thanks to using AI in their businesses.

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Increasing Employee Productivity with AI Tools

Besides data analysis, AI enables wide-scale automations of repetitive tasks such as customer information collection, social content scheduling and providing customer service actions. These tedious and time intensive tasks can easily be assigned to an AI, freeing up employees to take on more sophisticated tasks.

An example of this would be an AI chatbot which can easily automate most customer service interaction. There are many AI chatbots out there, like ProProfs Chat, that don’t require any coding knowledge, are easily customizable, can be personalized and can anticipate questions from your customers.

Besides the ability to quickly resolve customer issues, chatbots are time-efficient and effective solutions for increasing employee productivity because they allow your employees to focus on more complex issues that require a creative approach. This results in happier employees due to them not having to deal with mundane responsibilities. And a happier staff leads to a more productive business!

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AI Helps Customers Better Understand Your Brand.

As per Curatti’s statistics, around 73% of customer loyalty to a brand is due to helpful customer service. Besides chatbots, Artificial intelligencevoice assistants are a fun and great way to improve customer service namely because AI, unlike a human operator, can work around the clock.

Picture this: your customers from another time zone are experiencing issues that need to be resolved right away, but your employees are unable to respond to these queries. How do you resolve this issue? Local agencies that do business globally will oftentimes create automated overflows where no queries go unanswered due to the usage of AI.

Artificial intelligence can handle these requests within seconds, which is why top branding agencies like this Los Angeles Branding Agency will sometimes suggest this option for businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their customer service.

Last but not least, if your business has a diverse customer base, you might want to consider incorporating a variety voice assistants (covering multiple languages and dialects) into your digital marketing strategy.

Voice assistants are an effective way to overcome language barriers if your customers come from different areas of the world and they can better serve your customers with a visual impairment. Inclusion matters!

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About the author: Sonya is a marketing specialist that specializes in driving business through digital, visual, and content marketing techniques, currently based in Los Angeles working with the top branding agencies in the world such as Design Rush.

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