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Follow Your Intuition: Exploring The Unknown 

Horia’s story

As kids, our dreams were boundless. We dreamed of becoming superheroes and popstars, or life’s real heroes like doctors and teachers – nothing seemed beyond reach and so our aspirations were limitless. 

As adults, our ambitions may change, but our drive to achieve them remains. Being part of a team that makes the impossible become a reality takes more than just knowledge and hard work. Here at Stefanini, we know about the challenges along the way, and we follow our intuition to make innovation happen.

Horia Vintilă is an example of how motivation and curiosity have important roles to play in professional life. While Horia is now able to talk extensively about infrastructure, he had to go through the process of familiarizing himself with the basics of the IT industry, as with every young professional, which was the starting point to building a stronger sense of intuition.

Every step of the journey is important

Prior to starting his career, Horia imagined his future career would involve playing the guitar in front of large audiences. While he’s now embraced a different path to playing the guitar in front of a big audience, Horia’s early dream shaped his intuition, leading him towards a dynamic environment, where there are a variety of projects and where it’s possible to shape innovation in the IT world through the power of ideas. Horia started out at Stefanini as a Support Engineer, through a friend’s recommendation, taking calls to help clients with minor technical problems, before working his way up to managing infrastructure for big clients.

The first steps in the IT world form the building blocks of your experience, and Horia credits his time working as a Support Engineer with improving his communication skills, patience and problem solving skills: “I learned that you need to be human, you need to learn to have patience and you need to develop communication skills, because you’re going to have hundreds of people calling every day with what might seem like a mundane problem to you, but to them it’s a big problem.”

This learning experience led Horia to begin making more connections and to start questioning what happens behind-the-scenes. With a greater understanding of how things work, a desire to develop and a natural curiosity, Horia was ready for his next challenge. This has involved Horia taking on a more technical role with each move, as he climbs the ladder in a way that develops his skills and technical knowledge.

Opportunities are for learning

Taking ownership of your learning process is an important part of your journey, as Horia advises: “First find the service that you would like to be able to provide and then you can find out how you can actually do it”, because you will not be able to learn everything at once. Building the blocks of your career takes time and dedication to your craft, so you need to practice patience and to accept opportunities that will let you expand your knowledge. “You need to challenge yourself over and over again in small ways. Maybe it’s a new technology. Maybe it’s a new project. Maybe it’s a new team. As long as you’re challenging yourself, the exact nature of the challenge doesn’t matter.”

Horia’s experience underlines how being curious and gathering experience and knowledge in every role is an important part of your development. “Don’t skip any steps when it comes to your development. If I hadn’t done the service desk job, for example, I wouldn’t have gone on to be as empathetic with clients as I am in my role now.” You may dream to play in a band when you’re young and might reconsider certain career decisions along the way, but every opportunity that arises can lead you to become your best professional self.

At Stefanini, we’re big believers in this ability to gather experience and develop. When you become part of our team, you don’t only get the job you accept now, you also get the dream you will build later – just as Horia has demonstrated throughout his career. Trusting your intuition is making the difference.

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