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Follow Your Intuition: Exploring The Unknown - Andrei’s And Claudiu’s Story

As kids, our dreams were boundless. We dreamed of becoming superheroes and popstars, or life’s real heroes like doctors and teachers – nothing seemed beyond reach and so our aspirations were limitless. 

As adults, our ambitions may change, but our drive to achieve them remains. Being part of a team that makes the impossible become a reality takes more than just knowledge and hard work. Here at Stefanini, we know about the challenges along the way, and we follow our intuition to make innovation happen.

This week, we have a story about professional growth, career decisions, ownership and teamwork with our colleagues from our Application Development Center: Andrei Lăduncă, Senior Software Engineering Lead and Claudiu Tăbăranu, who joined Stefanini as an Intern, before being appointed to the role of Software Engineer.

Both Andrei and Claudiu started out in different fields and with different career plans in mind. They later turned to the IT world in the hope of doing what they like, inspiring projects and career stability. While no two career stories are the same, there are often common traits.

No two stories are the same, but in this case, learning was the key to success

Andrei started with small projects in PHP, .NET, C#, slowly building his skills and constantly learning. Andrei explains: “I literally did it with a book in one hand and the PC in the other.”  His primary challenge was validation, the pressure of taking decisions is present at the start of your career, but it shapes you and your ability mold on different projects, teams and problems that arise, as well as build your confidence to stand up by your ideas.

Claudiu’s first months of his internship at Stefanini were spent learning from a colleague who had a lot more experience. “I was trying to focus a lot on his explanations and trying to replicate and somehow copy his way of thinking, I was like a sponge,” explains Claudiu. His involvement in a wide range of activities and projects with his colleagues ensured he felt like a true part of the team and was motivated to learn and constantly improve his skills.

Now that they can look back on the early stages of their careers, Claudiu and Andrei can pinpoint what helped them advance in their professional journeys. For Claudiu, constant learning has been key. “You should always pursue projects which involve technologies in what you’re interested in, while also looking for the chance to take on something new. You have a lot of room to develop,” he explains.

Andrei is confident that gaining a holistic view of your work is beneficial for your development. It’s through strategic thinking that you can analyze your next move, adjust your expectations and get a clearer picture of your impact within your projects and work relationships.

Equally, both believe that developing soft skills played an important role in their career development. Andrei explains: “I would say the most important soft skills that you should have are persistence and to open-mindedness.” Claudiu believes that managing to build a network of support for yourself inside and outside of your primary team is really beneficial for a Software Engineer, so that brainstorming ideas or finding solutions to problems becomes easier. “I have a lot of friends in Stefanini right now from different departments, and if I need something or I need an idea, I can always give them a call,” explains Claudiu.

This teamwork is hugely important at Stefanini, where our ethos is built on co-creation. That’s why we value team players, new ideas and the power of an open mind – all qualities that have translated into success for Claudiu and Andrei.

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