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Driving IT Resolution And Educating End-Users With Digital Workplace Services

Today’s computing environment is global, mobile and diverse. There’s endless software and hardware to consider, while mobile only adds a new dimension. IT departments must become experts in differentiated products and services based on the latest advances in technology, while equipped with the right tools and solutions to supercharge the business.

So how do IT departments conquer the challenge of effectively managing, supporting and securing these environments, while ensuring end-user productivity and keeping costs low?

It seems a tall order, but at Stefanini that’s our specialism. We have the people, industry knowledge, technology and experience to deliver the end-to-end digital workplace support you need to guarantee maximum value from your end-user systems. Using a smart combination of both centralised, global support and on-site services, we can efficiently manage your end-user environment, allowing you to focus on your core business needs. From user support to the management of complex work infrastructures and cloud solutions, we’re committed to continual improvement, proactively reducing incidents and leveraging remote resolution – all while delivering cost savings over in-house programmes.

Here for you, anytime

We provide your employees with one, simple interface to address the full complexity of the modern IT organisation – an interface that means you and your team can contact us anytime, anywhere and by any means. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, delivering 24/7 user support through digital contact channels like web, chat and virtual agents, as well as traditional forms like phone and email. With more than 25,000 employees in 40 countries, we support multiple languages. In addition, our support services are totally tailored to you. Undergoing a business change? We can swiftly ramp up our support services ad-hoc for large projects, major upgrades or location moves, enlisting more of our digital experts if need be.

Elevating employee experience

Need our support? Your first port-of-call is the Digital Service Desk – a learning organisation, focussed on improving first level resolution rates. This means that when you first contact us with an issue, we can fix that problem during that initial call without the need to escalate it. But we’re fearlessly agile, equipped with tools to detect IT issues and proactively resolve them before the end-user is even aware.

So, how do we take action? We operate a two-pronged approach to location-based services. We offer highly skilled, remote services, then complement this by sending the right team on-site to focus on high-value user interactions. Elevating the user experience is our priority. If your employee is struggling with IT, our experts will not only resolve the issue, but spark a rounded, in-depth conversation on that given topic to help the user feel more educated, supported and, crucially, confident in their use of technology. Your employees will come away feeling like they’ve genuinely learnt something of value. We call this our ‘Digital Cafe’ – a support service, manned by a Digital Coach, who educates your employee to help them experience an improved digital experience. It’s not a technical transaction, it’s tailored, thorough task-management. And all at a cost saving to you, as our multi-skilled team eliminates the need for technical hiring and training.

Viewing your workplace through the eyes of the user

Viewing the workplace through the eyes of the user is at the heart of what we do. Because if you and your team have the right tools, you’ll be more effective. We appreciate that your business is evolving (and the digital landscape, exponentially) so we’ll keep pace and inspire you with continuous innovation. We’ll implement improvement services, freeing up your team to focus on value-added projects while you tackle business priorities.

We have specialised experts in user experience optimisation, analysing user needs with state-of-the-art tools and processes, for quick resolution and  digital transformation. Take the cloud, for example. We manage cloud services, their providers, contracts and delivery models – combining these into managed workplace models. We’ll therefore relieve your IT and employees from standard activities, allowing you to take full advantage of cloud functionalities without needing to build your own cloud control centre. We’ve got it covered.

Powering productivity

By reducing the complexity of managing an IT environment, we alleviate the pressures on your team. Productivity rises – and not just from a lighter workload. You’ll see increased connectivity, too. They’ll have the tools to ensure efficiency all round.

The digital future is here but, rather than fear change, be on the front-foot. Look to us for comprehensive solutions and innovation so you and your team can focus on equalling excellence across the business.

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