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Driving Digital Transformation In Family-Owned Businesses

Hello, I am Nick Monger and I’m Business Development Director for Stefanini EMEA. I help our customers save time and money through process automation and delivering user-centric support solutions.

I’m proud to have been part of the company for more than two decades and in that time, despite growing to an international business with 70 offices in 41 countries, Stefanini has kept its family roots at the heart of the business. I believe this is one of our key differentiators as both an employer and as a solutions provider. As an employee, everyone who works at Stefanini is made to feel like part of the family and that their contribution is valued. By extension, our clients become part of the group too. In fact, we don’t call them clients. Instead, we call them partners because we work in collaboration with them and build relationships to last.

How Our Family Roots Support Other Family-Owned Businesses

Germany has more family-owned businesses than most countries and they represent a much-valued part of the country’s economy. Stefanini is proud to partner with a number of family-owned German businesses to co-create solutions that make the unthinkable possible.

What do we mean by co-create? We mean we listen before we talk. We mean we fully evaluate each client’s needs before putting forward a solution. And we mean we work closely with each client to design a bespoke solution to their unique challenges.

This empathic approach is part of Stefanini’s ethos and has contributed to our impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +66, well above the average of +32.

Because of the entrepreneurial spirit Stefanini’s founders instill throughout the company, we can tailor our offering to each client’s individual goals and remain agile to the changing business landscape.

Creating Valuable IT Solutions

We understand the pressures family-owned businesses are under to be successful and to honour the founding goals and principles of the business. That’s why we strive to deliver transformational results to all our clients that bring them return on IT investment for years to come.

We’re passionate about digital transformation and the long-term benefits it can bring to the companies we partner with. As Guilherme Stefanini, son of founder Marco Stefanini, said “we will be relentless in enabling our clients to harness the power of technology to realize their goals”.

How do we do it?

We use technology to modernize and transform your business from end-to-end, ensuring it’s designed for tomorrow not just today. We can help you understand your customers, improve their experience and transform your operations to improve efficiency and productivity. What sets us apart is our respect for your unique needs. We offer custom solutions to all clients, helping us preserve the essence of your family-owned business, the ideas and passion that founded it, and the company culture you’ve worked hard to grow.

From helping Unilever share feedback and improve remote teamwork, to supporting DeVry University deliver an enhanced digital experience for their students, and enabling Toyota to make more informed decisions quicker in the development process, Stefanini has the experience and expertise to transform businesses for the future.

For more information about how we can co-create a digital transformation solution for your business, please get in touch.

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