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Stefanini Cybersecurity Support – Empowering Businesses To Respond To New Risks 

A new threat landscape means a new approach to guarding against cybersecurity risks is required. 

This has been underlined by major attacks taking place across the globe, with the likes of Australia’s second-largest telecommunications provider, Optus, being hit by one of the biggest attacks in the country’s history, resulting in more than two million ID numbers being exposed. Meanwhile, the website of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, MI5, was briefly taken offline in an attack that has been claimed by a pro-Russian group, while a ransomware attack on the country’s National Health Service in August is still compromising the quality of care that is being provided two months on.  

A best practice approach to cybersecurity is required in order to successfully defend against these growing and increasingly sophisticated threats.  

This involves partnering with experts who understand the nature of the threat, the most effective ways to minimize the number of successful cyberattacks against their business and the potential harm in the instance of an attack. 

That’s where Stefanini comes in, providing the strongest possible security offering by combining leading expertise with the very latest solutions.  

It also involves combining reactive cybersecurity – responding to a breach and minimizing its harm – with proactive security, including proactively testing systems for vulnerabilities and gaining an understanding of the roles and responsibilities that should be in place within the organization in advance of any attack. Here’s how that looks. 

Proactive cybersecurity  

One important way that Stefanini supports businesses proactively is through its consulting services, which involves identifying problems, evaluating security issues, assessing risk, and implementing solutions to defend against threats to companies’ networks and computer systems. 

At a time when businesses face new levels of risk, these services play a crucial role in supporting companies in understanding and responding to new threats. 

Alongside our technology offering, these services also empower businesses to understand and put in place the necessary procedures for defending against attacks and simplifying their cybersecurity operations. 

This involves designing, reviewing and implementing a business-aligned governance profile, alongside designing and assisting with the implementation of the appropriate governance structure, ensuring businesses have a team in place that works together effectively. Plus, we take responsibility for designing, implementing and monitoring governance metrics to help measure the effectiveness of your corporate security program, ensuring that businesses are not only clear about where they are, but also the areas they can address to make their organization even more secure.  

Ethical hacking 

Businesses need to respond to the reality that hackers are humans and as a result, any cybersecurity solution needs human oversight and expertise. 

The most effective approach here is recruiting an expert team of ethical hackers, who have a deep understanding of the mindset of bad actors seeking to breach businesses. 

Working with expert partners that provide these services can also mean gaining access to threat intelligence, offering insight into existing and emerging threats, allowing companies to take action against attacks before they happen. 

Responding with reactive security  

Meanwhile, our Cyber Defense Services enable businesses to reduce and contain the impact of a confirmed security incident. 

This includes real-time monitoring, alongside early notification and a rapid response in the face of potential threats. We also empower clients to move beyond their own attack surface and enhance their capabilities through incident analysis and response services. 

Additionally, providing round-the-clock reassurance, our security operations center offers 24/7 coverage so that day or night, you can be certain we’re on hand to shut down attacks, prevent breaches and minimize recovery needs.  

When combined with our proactive security approach, businesses can be confident that they are fully prepared for attacks, ready to guard against the growing number of threats they face and able to minimize damage of any potential breach.  

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