A Conversation With Ștefan Dunca, Support Engineer, Stefanini EMEA - Stefanini

A Conversation With Ștefan Dunca, Support Engineer, Stefanini EMEA

Ștefan Dunca joined Stefanini three years ago, when he was looking to move into the IT industry and had identified Stefanini as a company where he could enter his chosen sector while developing within the business. He’s since worked for three different clients, gaining valuable experience across each of them.

We caught up with Ștefan to discuss his experience at Stefanini, including the value of clear data, the importance of concise communication and why it’s important to be curious and consider all aspects of a given process as part of your remit. 

This is the twelfth interview in our series involving our Digital Workplace Services (DWS) colleagues. DWS spans multiple roles and skillsets, with team members able to meet customers’ changing needs. These range from traditional Service Desk and Field Service to modern infrastructure capabilities, including cloud, virtualization, platforms and applications. This series explores the career journeys, best practices and learnings of DWS colleagues across EMEA and showcases what life at Stefanini involves.

Why did you choose to join Stefanini?

I’d been looking for a change in my professional life and was considering how I could move into a different line of work.

IT was, and still is, the industry that most appealed to me and I recognized Stefanini as a viable option to enter my chosen industry and find opportunities to learn and develop.

How have you evolved professionally within the company so far?

I’ve worked for three different clients and learned a great deal from each one, constantly getting the chance to see things from different perspectives. In terms of my professional evolution, I’d describe this as slow and steady, which I think is the best way to achieve strong, sustainable growth.

What are the most important things that you have learned here?

There’s a lot to learn from a technical perspective – almost daily – just because of how important it is to stay up to date with the continuous development of the IT industry. I’ve also learned a lot about different types of communication and business cultures.

What are some best practices learned and applied in your current role?

It’s important to always check your data and ensure there is constant, clear communication with all parties involved in every project.

This is a key step in ensuring you are following the correct path for solving a given situation. If your initial data is incorrect, you’ll almost certainly go about solving an issue in the wrong way.

Likewise, clear communication with all parties is essential when it comes to making sure that the whole team is on the same track and aware of what their other colleagues are doing.

These practices helped me to have a better understanding and view of the whole process, defining my role and my colleagues’ roles and finding ways of working that allow for constant improvement. 

What do you like most about working at Stefanini?

One of the things I like most is the working environment here – with supportive colleagues who are always willing to give a helping hand and hear about any challenging situation I might be dealing with.

Otherwise, I’d have to say the many opportunities there are to grow within the company in multiple directions.

What advice would you give to a new Stefanini employee?

I’d advise new employees not to worry. Trust that over time you’ll gain confidence and will be able to do what’s being asked of you. It’s simply a case of continually reading, learning, practicing and asking for support when needed. 

What advice would you give to other Stefanini colleagues when it comes to building a success story here?

It’s important to be curious, which means being prepared to try everything and make it part of your remit. Also, ensure you’re communicating effectively and concisely with as many colleagues possible.

In time, you’ll broaden your understanding of the processes involved in your projects and will be able to easily secure your next desired role.


Want to be our next success story? At Stefanini, we’re always interested in hearing from talented candidates across all levels of experience. You can browse our current EMEA vacancies,  here.

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