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Celebrating Women In IT: A Conversation With Daniela Poia

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we want to spotlight the accomplishments of women in the workplace. 

In honor of this occasion, we had the opportunity to speak with women leaders from across Stefanini’s global network. From juggling the responsibilities of their personal life and their career, to offering advice to women around them, our colleagues shared their experiences and insights on what it takes to succeed in the IT field. 

We had a chat with Daniela Poia, our Facility and HR Specialist from Moldova and found out inspiring insights. Read everything below:

How does it feel to be working in the IT sector as a woman?

Daniela Poia: “Coming to work for Stefanini was the greatest thing that could have happened to me, when speaking about my professional life. Entering the IT sector was overwhelming and a life changing experience. Everything around me was new and interesting. The role of Facility Coordinator in Chisinau office is taking me every day into new beginnings and new challenges. Running an office with 60 employees from the first day of employment to 350 employees now, was quite a roller coaster when ensuring the smooth extension of the site.”

How do you manage to balance your personal life with your career?

Daniela Poia: “Keeping all aspects of my life in working order is always hard, but it was harder when my children were smaller. The bigger they become it gets easier for me to balance between work and home. Raising twins and making a career was quite a challenge, but I learned that sticking to a schedule could do miracles.”

What is the most important advice you would give to all women around you?

Daniela Poia: “Believe in yourself! It’s ok to make mistakes, we learn from them! Do not hesitate to ask for help!

Don’t be afraid to start fresh, it could be a good thing!

Always be punctual, it is how we show respect!”

What are the 3 words that best describe you as a woman?

Daniela Poia: “Observant – that could be annoying sometimes. Disciplined. Empathetic.”

What does the International Women day mean to you?

Daniela Poia: “I associate International Women’s Day with celebrating the accomplishments that women achieved throughout history, the continuous struggle of women to be heard and to be appreciated, not only inside one’s family but also by the society.

My inspiration is my grandmother, who chose the career of a doctor, despite the hard time she had at the beginning, with gender inequality on her workplace in the early 60`s, juggling between working very often over time in the hospital and raising 3 children.”

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