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Achieving Digital Transformation Through The Power Of Automation

Automation can be a powerful tool for businesses wishing to improve their customer experience, augment their workforce and boost efficiency.

Despite speculation that automation could destroy jobs, it in fact offers huge potential to enhance human effort in the workplace. With humans and computers working together, it’s possible to automate repetitive tasks while freeing up humans to offer greater value in their roles by enabling them to shift their focus to complex tasks they are better suited to carrying out than computers – such as interacting with a difficult customer.

Making this a reality can be challenging, requiring the right data, models and knowledge, which means attracting the right talent and collaborating with the right partners.

Making Automation a Reality

Because realizing the potential of automation requires understanding how well suited a business is to making use of new technologies, we typically begin a collaboration with clients by offering one of our Stefanini Dive sessions. These collaborative deep dives into our clients’ business allow us to uncover their existing maturity and the most pressing areas to address in order to develop the automation strategy that best meets their needs. Stefanini will also run training and marketing campaigns to ensure employees are informed about new technologies that are available and are comfortable using these to realize the significant benefits they offer.

“Stefanini believes in the power of co-creation, which means any automation solution we provide is developed in close collaboration with the client and based on a complete understanding of their business. Through the strength of close relationships and a deep understanding of clients’ organizations, we can confidently recommend the technologies that would power true transformation, whether that’s machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA) or AI cognitive assistants. This provides the foundation that enables us to support clients in their journey to realizing the potential these technologies offer,” says Horia Laurentiu Raveica, Project Portfolio Manager for Automation and Digital Transformation at Stefanini EMEA.

Powering Real Results

Automation offers the potential to entirely transform an organization, boosting its efficiency, enhancing its employee experience and improving the service it offers to customers.

These goals can be realized simultaneously – combining data and AI-based chatbots, for instance, can enable a business to determine whether a customer would be better served by a chatbot, while freeing up the human employee to work on more complex issues, such as technical problems or complaints.

This enables the human workforce to make a more meaningful contribution in their roles and can lead to an increased likelihood of converting customers and building long-term loyalty.

Likewise, when it comes to internal processes, using robotic process automation (RPA) to enable employees to scan and process payment information can do more than simply speed up invoicing. It also enables human employees to add greater value – and enjoy greater job satisfaction – by freeing up time they can invest into more complex or creative challenges.

“Harnessing the power of digital transformation through automation means empowering the human workforce while realizing the potential of the latest technologies. Stefanini’s approach enables businesses to fully realize this reality by providing the expertise and close collaboration required to co-create solutions that digitally transform organisations,” says Horia.

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