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6 Actionable Tips For Keeping Your Company’s File Sharing Environment Secure

It is common-place for businesses perform a large amount of file sharing.  Cloud-based file sharing software allows businesses to share and access information safely and easily. It’s essential to ensure that this is done in a secure way that best protects any sensitive data from being breached. When a business fails to implement a business-focused file sharing system, many employees fall back on their own personal file sharing platforms for convenience, and this can lead to increased security risks.

To minimize your business’s susceptibility to cyber-attacks and avoid the unauthorized release of sensitive data or the installation of malicious software, it is essential to invest in an appropriate solution for safely sharing files. Here are six actionable tips for keeping your company’s file sharing environment secure.

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1. Don’t be Complacent

Sometimes, company employees are actively file sharing so often to the extent that they risk of becoming complacent regarding security increases. The first step in safely managing your company’s file sharing is a commitment to proactivity regarding all necessary security measures.

Additionally, make sure that you find the right service for your file-sharing needs – one that is specifically designed for business use. It is important to choose a service that enables all users to communicate via email when sending and receiving files, regardless of the size of the file.

2. Invest in a Business-Grade Service

File sharing protection services designed for consumers often don’t provide sufficient protection to avoid the risks of security threats and data leaks. It can also be harder to process statements of compliance and e-discovery.

It will likely save you a lot of time and expense in the long run to go for a business-grade service system – one that allows you to control access, expiring files, e-discovery and compliance. You need a comprehensive level of visibility and security access to sufficiently protect your business from cyber-attacks.

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3. Head Straight for the Cloud

Simple, fast and effective implementation is key to efficiently solving and managing your business’s file sharing. There’s no two ways about it – a cloud-based service designed for business use is the ideal option for speed and ease of setup, as well as ongoing flexibility.

4. Invest in an Integrated System

It can be tempting to opt for a cheaper, stand-alone system that purely deals with safe file sharing. However, you eventually will need to address cracks left in your overall security. An integrated system may be more costly upfront, but can provide you with a multitude of additional security capabilities that will complete your business’s file sharing security protection. Additional email security is a prime example. Typically, getting a system that provides a range of securities ends up being more cost-effective in the long-run, anyway.

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5. Maintain Up-to-Date Employee Training

To best protect your business’s data, employees must be trained to understand the sensitivity of certain types of information, as well as the specific risks associated with them being mishandled. Employees must receive appropriate training in how to use secure sharing services, and ensure that they always use the one provided. They must also be kept informed as to what they can and cannot share to third parties, and how to safely share any authorized information with external recipients.

6. Keep it as Simple as Possible

The only way to ensure that your business’s sensitive data is successfully protected is to make sure that the security service you choose gets used at all times by all employees. The best way to ensure this is to choose a service that is as simple and frictionless to use as possible.

By the same token, keep the training as clear and simple as possible, too. While it is essential that you relay all vital information and ensure that all users understand how to navigate the security service with ease, keep the service education easy-to-understand to best facilitate its faithful use.

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Final Thoughts

With cybercrime statistics at record highs, there’s never been a more important time to ensure that you sufficiently protect your business when it comes to all aspects of cyber security, including the safe sharing of files.

Investing in a business-focused, cloud-based, integrated system and providing clear and thorough training to all users is the best way to protect your business from the risks associated with file sharing.

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