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13 Online Marketing Trends That Will Stay In 2023

Organizations sustaining in the digitized era must monitor online marketing trends and constantly shape their strategies. It helps businesses take the best course of action for the current market and aids in long-term planning by estimating future trends. 

While studying the current marketing trends is crucial, not all of them are equally relevant in the long run. Some are just passing trends that might be gone in a few months; others may be significant trends that are here to stay. As a business owner or marketer, you might wonder which online marketing trends will remain in 2023.

Major online marketing trends that will remain in 2023:

1. Increased AI integration 

You have likely noticed this already – many businesses are deploying artificial intelligence to carry out comprehensive and targeted marketing campaigns. AI can serve several purposes in a company’s marketing strategy, ranging from aiding in market research to ensuring a better customer experience.

AI can significantly strengthen customer loyalty toward a company, giving it a strong position in the market. Hence, it’s no wonder businesses of every scale have adopted AI tools and techniques and the trend is only expected to grow in the coming years.  

2. Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is no longer a mere medium of entertainment for the rich. Companies are using VR to showcase their products in 360-degree perspectives. Online marketing trends have consistently shown that marketers are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to draw the attention of their customers.

This is exactly what virtual reality offers – a fun, engaging, and highly sophisticated way to pitch products to potential buyers. Currently, it’s mostly automobile manufacturers and smartphone brands using VR as a marketing tool. However, the trend is likely to stay and grow more popular. 

3. Shorter video ads 

Visuals appeal to the audience more than text. Using shorter video ads is one of the most crucial online marketing trends that marketers need to adapt immediately. People no longer have the time to watch advertisement videos and may become irritated if an ad is just a couple of minutes long.

Studies show that more than 25% of adults won’t watch a video ad past 10 seconds, and less than 50% would watch till 20 seconds. For marketers, this means a concise advertising window. Video ads have been getting shorter, especially with businesses using new marketing tools like social media reels.  

4. Increased use of business analytics 

Marketers increasingly rely on business analytics as the competition continues to intensify and the market grows more complex.

A data-driven strategy is what your business needs if you want it to come out on top. Building a robust data architecture and leveraging it to make crucial business decisions can give a company a decisive edge against the competition. Data has already become a valuable resource in today’s world, given the business potential it can unleash. Business analytics has become a crucial part of the current online marketing trends, and this won’t change anytime soon.  

5. Content marketing 

Content marketing has grown into one of the most potent tools in the hands of marketers and will likely stay this way in the coming years. A branding strategy without content marketing would be an incomplete and inefficient strategy. Content plays a crucial role in digital marketing, helping the brand build greater authority, gain more exposure, and create a demand for its products without direct advertisement.

Even in 2023, businesses will continue to hire creative content and branding services from specialized and reputed companies. Observing the online marketing trends, it appears that only 9% of the respondents find this to be an unsuccessful technique. Have a look at the image below to get a transparent view. 

6. Highly targeted marketing 

The reign of mass advertisement broadcasting is long gone, replaced by online marketing trends of precision and sophistication. Rather than simply publishing ads for a vast audience and hoping for maximum effectiveness, businesses are making use of targeted ads.

Technologies such as website cookies help collect valuable user habits and requirements data. Powered by modern algorithms, advertising mediums like apps and websites distribute relevant advertisements to every audience. For instance, content regarding the best gifts for children should reach parents – especially those who have browsed for such products online recently.  

7. Search engine optimization 

Online marketing trendsshow that almost 30% of internet traffic is generated via search engines. This makes search engines an indispensable platform for marketers to generate organic traffic and sales. Search engine optimization has become one of the most basic and crucial marketing strategies for small businesses. SEO will remain relevant if people continue to use search engines.  

8. Capitalization on mobile gaming 

In-game ads have become a common feature on mobile gaming apps, and for good reason. When done right, marketing through mobile games can be even more effective than other, more popular marketing techniques. This is because most mobile gamers are heavily invested in their games.

A survey revealed that 69% of American consumers would rather give up TV or social media than lose their favorite games. Opt-in ads shown to users in exchange for in-app rewards are particularly effective – only 10% of US mobile gamers avoid engaging with them.  

9. eCommerce driving changes on social media platforms 

This is one of the most interesting online marketing trends in recent times. While social media platforms are shaping how businesses market their products online, it works both ways. To attract more marketers, social media platforms like Instagram are adding new ecommerce and online advertising features.

After all, advertisers and their advertising platforms are depending on each other. This is definitely one of the online marketing trends that are here to stay, which means ecommerce will continue to drive changes on social media platforms.  

1o. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing has gained significant traction with rapidly increasing social media usage. Businesses are roping in influencers from their respective fields to promote products and services.

Although influencers primarily grew popular in certain specific niches like fashion and beauty products, the use of influencer marketing is now widespread across industries. It certainly deserves a special mention among popular online marketing trends, both due to the popularity and effectiveness of influencer marketing.  

11. User-generated content as a marketing tool 

This goes hand-in-hand with the highly targeted online marketing trends mentioned earlier. Brands target their audience based on their interests and demographics and rely on user-generated content to create advertisements. Data on the common interests and preferences of the average target audience helps marketers figure out what kind of advertisements would best capture their attention. Users are constantly generating such content in the digital era, even during regular activities like internet browsing.  

12. Out-stream videos 

In regards to video advertising on websites, out-stream videos are gaining popularity. These videos play silently until the user scrolls over to them and goes silent once again once the user has scrolled past. Instream videos, on the other hand, start playing as soon as the webpage loads, regardless of whether the video is visible on the screen. The key problem with instream videos is that users find it quite irritating when they can only hear the audio. Besides, out-stream ads allow users to silence the video immediately as the video player is visible.  

13. The rise of mobile advertising 

In the past, companies spent more on desktop advertisements than mobile advertisements. The trend has reversed in recent years, with marketers allocating their ad budget more in favor of mobile advertising.

Digital advertising on mobile is expected to account for 63% of the average ad spending in 2023. This is primarily due to the increasing use of mobile phones over desktops. Mobile advertising allows businesses to reach a much larger audience more engagingly. Businesses planning their long-term marketing strategy should invest more in mobile advertising.  


All these online marketing trends will dominate 2023 and possibly beyond. The quicker a business adapts to the future, its likelihood of success is higher. Businesses that stay ahead in the race for the best and most up-to-date marketing techniques are the ones that stay ahead of the competition. While only some of these trends are relevant to every business, it would still be wise to consider them carefully and consider every possibility.

For instance, AI integration may not seem very important for your local business, but who knows how much it can grow in a couple of years? Staying prepared for what’s to come will ensure you can make the best of it. 

Author: Fahad Khan is a Product Manager and digital marketing enthusiast who works at Ubuy Technology. Content marketing, PPC, email, and social media marketing are among his areas of expertise. He has been exploring the field of digital marketing to share his pearls of wisdom with the whole world. He enjoys working on different niches and creating valuable content for readers. 

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