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The changing universe of retail

We first need to understand that the value hierarchy is slowly but surely changing in favor of digital channels, which is not entirely a bad thing for bricks and mortar retailers willing to adapt. This shift is more obvious in categories like fashion, where some of the largest sellers now are purely online. Looking at the meteoric rise of ‘click & mortar’ and dark stores in the past few years, this trend seems to be irreversible. The rationale for this is simple: if we’re looking at walk-ins only, your rent is going up while your sales/m2 aren’t. Given these simple truths, physical stores will need to be redefined, adapted, or reduced. Everyone prefers the first option to the latter and depending on the type of retailer you are, we can quickly find a tailored suggestion for how this transformation should occur.

Despite the shift toward digital, we are firm believers in the fact that physical locations will have a more important role than ever before in the future, acting as symbols of brand integrity and trust. These stores will allow retailers to offer a consultative approach to sales, and they’ll act as the cornerstone of data gathering, allowing retailers to optimize media costs and grow their customer engagement to record levels. The physical location will be more functionally dense.

Meanwhile, e-retailers are also under pressure due to last-mile delivery and fulfillment centers being pushed beyond initially projected values and scaling measures not being effective as envisioned. Mistakes, reporting and maintenance lag, shrink and delivery issues all increase disproportionally if you simply throw more people at the problem in the hopes that it’s simply an FTE issue. More efficient procedures, automation and better information gathering systems can mitigate these growing pains, help manage spikes and keep your headcount manageable.

We also know all shoppers expect a seamless experience not only across channels but with the brand or partner brands we’re hosting in our stores. Our solutions meet these expectations while responding to new challenges with a variety of future models in mind, allowing you to embrace these new ways of doing business, to emerge leaner and to boost your brand value.

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Our experts

Iris Gologan (EMEA)

Iris, Technical Product Manager for the Retail Industry, is based in Bucharest and draws upon his technology and marketing know-how to deliver effective and efficient retail solutions.