Transformation through


Through collaborative engagement, we help businesses to re-organize themselves around their customers and shape new types of experiences.

Our multi-disciplinary team brings different perspectives on digital innovation, working with you to harness the power of collaboration. The co-creation program was developed to offer different types of engagement, according to your needs, enabling your business to explore, innovate and transform your organization. 

Co-Creation Design

Design thinking methodologies to address the challenges our customers face at each step of the innovation journey. 

We help our clients navigate complex business challenges. Co-Creation Design Solutions,” a co-creation structure is built into this approach and includes the following initiatives: Future Labs, Co-Creation Programs, Innovation Labs, and Agile Cultural Transformation.

Co-Creation Workshops

Explore how Stefanini solutions can help your business, create or develop your portfolio of business transformation initiatives, and build a roadmap for innovation.

Explore how Stefanini solutions can help your business, create or develop your portfolio of business transformation initiatives, and build a roadmap for innovation.

This 1-2-day workshop will help you put together a plan for innovation, providing tools for ideation and helping your team prioritize different ideas. Our team of experts will be there to inspire you with insightful examples, while also working with you to build a concept and plan that drives business transformation.

By the time you leave the workshop, your team will have an actionable plan focused on a common goal and the tools to promote this plan in your organization. 

Our workshop process includes eight key stages:

Set your goals
Get inspired
Identify opportunities for innovation
Build a plan

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs bring this vision to life, involving the development of innovation areas. 

These are developed by creating a map of roles and establishing the governance of innovation, highlighting the co-creation stages and defining the 'innovation funnel'. With this approach, we structure, train, and monitor teams to ensure they deliver effectively as part of a new innovation cycle.

These labs make use of a human-centric immersive approach based on design-thinking, design-sprint, and lean-startup methodology. We have several new

initiatives related to Smart Factory, IoT, predictive analytics, augmented and virtual reality, and more.


Squads, or multidisciplinary teams, are a sophisticated way to bring these two approaches together – one that focuses on efficiency and technology, and another that focuses on people – to create a framework that enjoys the best of both worlds. It’s a methodology that brings together people with different skills and specialisms to create a unique team and devise a tailored solution. Squads will help you implement methods to drive your business forward. We organize skills, assets, and provide cross-functional collaboration along the process in order to effectively execute an end-to-end digital transformation. Further, our agile teams work effectively in a remote capacity, giving you access to the best talent from around the world. 

Work with our Solution Squads to get products to market faster, reduce your product backlog, increase active user engagement, cost effectively deploy skills, and more. 

Speak with a specialist to begin digitally transforming your business.