Innovation at Stefanini


Innovation is Transformation

Turning Data into Intelligence

As technology changes, innovation serves to differentiate organizations by demonstrating value through increased operational efficiency and reducing business costs. Automated technology is turning information into intelligence for every person and every organization. However, with the accumulation of data on the back-end, intelligent solutions can continue to thrive, evolve and continuously improve customer services as well as the customer experience.

Wide Range of Innovative Solutions

We believe that innovation is not only a key priority in an organization’s digital transformation efforts but also necessary to compete and differentiate companies in a crowded marketplace. As the technology market has evolved, Stefanini has closely monitored and invested in a wide range of innovative solutions tailored to addresses the future needs of today’s company or enterprise. Through strategic partnerships, and investment on focused solutions delivered through our Automation Platform 2020+ that enables our entire Service Portfolio, we’ve made a commitment to ensure that we provide innovative services and solutions that work, yielding measurable outcomes for every business.

 Innovate Globally and Execute Locally

Our approach is to use our Global Innovation Centers to innovate and execute locally, leveraging our 21,000 thinkers.

Innovation Center

Collaboration Ecosystem Opens Stefanini’s Innovation Marketplace

Comprised of a network of best-in-class industry leaders, partners, accredited research universities, and innovation-focused subsidiaries/companies across multiple continents, Stefanini’s innovation ecosystem is the backbone of our innovative offerings.

This collaboration ecosystem, in conjunction with Stefanini’s revolutionary framework allows Stefanini to offer solutions that are consistently valuable, uniquely tailored to business objectives, and in pace with market changes.


One Size Does Not Fit All

At Stefanini, we have shifted our mindset from focusing on individual interactions to the experience from start to finish. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that meet or exceeds the standard you have set in terms of what you want to deliver. At every step along the customer journey, we will ensure that the promise of a positive experience is being upheld through tailor-made innovative solutions that are flexible and adaptable to meet your needs.

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