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Farlei Kothe - CEO of Stefanini EMEA

At Stefanini, we believe in co-creation, building relationships between businesses, technology, and people to deliver transformative results. Our proactive approach to business consulting and strong emphasis on being open to new technologies position us as advisors and partners on your journey towards digital transformation.

With over 35 years of experience, we offer a range of services such as automation, cloud, IoT, and UX, focusing on people, performance, and results.

Our business philosophy, titled “Stefanini Attitudes,” is built on seven pillars and has helped us break all EMEA records and exceed our targets with our highest-ever revenue and profitability. We are proud to provide a great work environment for the Stefanini team to grow and constantly deliver powerful business benefits to our clients.

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Creating business solutions together with our partners and clients, we offer Information Technology Outsourcing services, including IT tech support in 35 languages, app development, IT systems configuration and ERP/SAP counselling.

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Stefanini’s delivery centers in Bucharest and Sibiu are providing for their European clients a cohesive blend of solutions through an insightful use of people, processes and technologies.

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In Chisinau we help you run, grow and transform your business by combining customer centered services, digital technologies and mature implementation capabilities in order for you to address the challenges of today.

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Operating in Poland since 2007, our first office was established in Krakow in 2010 from where we serve clients from many countries around the world in several foreign languages. In 2017, while constantly growing, we opened our second office in Opole.

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Leadership And Strategies In EMEA

Join us for a brief yet insightful interview with Farlei Kothe, Stefanini’s EMEA CEO, in collaboration with IDC. Discover how Farlei navigates the unique challenges of managing a diverse region, adapts technology to varying country needs, and attracts and retains top talent in the competitive EMEA market.

Follow Your Intuituion

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About The Stefanini Institute

The mission of Stefanini Institute remains the same in Romania: to create and offer educational opportunities for young unprivileged persons from our community, to help them acquire the skills they need for further development and moving forward in life.

Meanwhile, the guidance for the activities is based on 3 pillars:

  • FREE EDUCATION – Educational workshops provided without cost for children and young adults from disadvantaged communities.
  • ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION – Using non-formal education, which has the foundation of learning through playing, we approach different topics.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – With accessible education provided to people from unprivileged environments, we increase their life skills.

The ease of use of non-formal and alternative education brings discussions and ameliorates the competencies of participants regarding topics which are not that common in formal education. This represents the key point of defining Stefanini Institute’s latest activity and plant the seeds for further and stronger impact because through this type of action, we tackle life-learning abilities, change of mentality for a better self and part of the community.

The activities of this year were both online and offline, with a high degree for the preparation for adulthood, reaching the following areas:

  • Digitalization
  • Financial education
  • Soft skills (teamwork, communication, emotions)
  • Sustainability
  • Preparation for interviews

Stefanini Group Ventures

  • Infinit

    Infinit uses strategy, creativity, and technology to help brands and business become closer to their consumers and to their employees alike. In a way, it is the ultimate integrator of Marketing/Advertising/Media, Technology/Digital Transformation and Data Analytics/Data Science.

  • Cyber Smart Defence

    Stefanini Group’s joint venture with CSD extends our portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions to include penetration and vulnerability testing, as well as external and in-house IT security audits. Founded in 2013, Cyber Smart Defence (CSD) is able to perform real-world hacking simulations by using a unique methodology that combines ethical hacking with in-depth expertise. Developed in-house, CSD offers customized offensive tools and scripts, delivering new attack vectors.

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