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Our IT services aren’t just for tech companies. We provide our solutions to many different industries, helping a wide variety of companies change the way they do business. From retail and manufacturing to healthcare, finance and education, we have many options for transforming your IT to keep pace with a fluid and dynamic technological landscape and increasingly-demanding customer requirements.


Stefanini recognizes the complexity of a constantly changing health industry and therefore invested in the creation of a unique Global Business Unit entitled “Digital Health Services” as of the year 2000. Focusing on supporting global ‘best-in-class’ companies within the healthcare industry for over more than 17 years provides Stefanini with unique experience in the field of supporting customers that are active in the industry, going from Sponsors and leading CRO’s and market leading eClinical/eHealth technology companies. We have extensive experience providing eCOA and eDC support for large pharmaceutical companies



The banking and financial industries have encountered a major shift to digital, with physical branches under-utilized compared to online banking. Stefanini’s banking and financial solutions are aligned with digital transformation, addressing issues of developing new business models and defining new business architecture, as well as rationalizing technology, upgrading systems and automating processes. Our services can assist your banks, credit card or insurance providers with expanding your customer base, offering better services and providing an enhanced customer experience, in addition to many other benefits.



Shopping experiences have changed, becoming more engaging, ultra-connected and customer-centric. Gone are the days when customers simply walk into a store and purchase their desired items; hyper-personalized customer shopping experiences are here to stay. Stefanini can help reimagine the way your customers shop, implementing agile solutions derived from our Dive methodology, as well as analytics, artificial intelligence and cognitive automation for business processes, cybersecurity, systems integration and more. With a collaborative innovation ecosystem, we are able to offer retail solutions with value, uniquely tailored to your business objectives and in pace with market changes.



In the age of Industry 4.0, the face of manufacturing is drastically changing. Stefanini can optimize your factory, acquiring “smart” capabilities that drive efficiency and productivity. Reinventing your manufacturing business through a digital lens and accompanying strategy can not only boost your business performance but also reduce costs and increase ROI—yielding better results you likely will not encounter following a strictly traditional operational model. With solutions such as AR/VR, cognitive computing and IoT, we can enhance your service capability and help you help your customers—morphing a typical experience into an excellent experience. Our solutions are well-suited for agriculture, automotive, chemical and oil refining, consumer goods, food and beverage, steel, mining and more.



Healthcare isn’t an industry where you can accept “fair” IT. Evolutions in technology have produced new resources and capabilities applicable to many facets of the healthcare sector, simplifying and streamlining both physician and patient experiences for digitalized, personalized care. Stefanini’s healthcare solutions can provide transformational support in areas such as the cloud, mobility, big data and analytics. We have the ability to integrate our digital strategies into medical devices, as well as reach specific areas like biotech, CRO, hospitals, labs and pharmaceuticals—leveraging our technological expertise to deliver patient-centric outcomes while also aiming to reduce your cost of business operations.



In an industry with such prominence placed on accuracy and knowledge, the need for research and educational institutions to maintain updated IT departments is critical. Stefanini’s education solutions can deliver better user experiences for students, educators and related professionals through multiplatform support, securing and analyzing data, as well as optimizing infrastructure and monitoring networks. Not only do we deploy our IT solutions but also support and sustain, ensuring the enhancement of your technological resources essential for learning.

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