Case Study: Updating the Legacy Systems of one of Brazil’s Largest Banks

Case Study: Updating The Legacy Systems Of One Of Brazil’s Largest Banks

Stefanini partnered with CAIXA, one of the largest banks in Brazil, to transform their outdated system, which was not only limiting their client base in an increasingly digital banking environment, but also, due to slow applications, putting CAIXA at serious risk of not meeting regulations regarding maximum performance/response time.

Our solution created a new system, maintaining all CAIXA’s current functionalities while also unlocking many benefits:

  • A new customer base of digital users,
  • Faster, easier banking processes
  • Better UX and higher customer satisfaction
  • Compatibility with instant payment tools, like PIX product
  • Compliance with national regulations (BACEN.)

Discover how we met the client’s objectives, working together to provide the perfect digital solution. Download the case study!

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