Digital Health Services

The core focus of Stefanini’s Digital Health Services vertical is to partner with Healthcare & Life Sciences companies, leading Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) and Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) vendors, allowing them to focus on getting medicines to market in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way.  With staff operating from 8 global sites covering over 20 languages, we provide best-in-class services & solutions required to transition to patient/site-centered, “smart health” approaches to care.  Originally formed in 1999, our work has spanned more than 800 clinical studies, taking place across 50,000 sites and engaging with over 800,000 eClinical end-users.

Clinical Trials

Our services are designed to offer a positive experience to further engage patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Patient and Clinical Site Helpdesk

We are the first line of help & support for patients and clinical site personnel. We document and provide support for any enquiry they might have relating to study protocol, provided technology or any problem they might experience during participation to clinical trials. From our global delivery teams we cover more that 25 languages.


Global eHealth Provisioning

We make sure that patients and clinical site personnel are fully equipped with everything they need relating to participation within clinical trials. Provisioned devices include customized Sponsor kits including leaflets, protective covers, SIM card, manuals, smartphones, tablets, laptops and connected health devices such as oximeters, glucometers, smartwatches and injection devices. We take care of the end-to-end process, going from purchasing, configuration, mobile device management, voice/data plan management, logistics, warehousing and managing the return process for all devices following applicable regulatory guidelines. We are able to provision and manage devices on a global basis within all therapeutic areas. In 2020, Stefanini successfully deployed more than 40,000 devices into 43 countries.


Cognitive Platforms

We have developed a suite of solutions based on the latest digital technologies aiming to transform business functions in the industry. Our application platforms are supporting digital clinical trials with decentralized & virtual trial capabilities, patient Omni-channel engagements and incentive management cloud solutions dedicated to pharma sales force representatives.

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Portal Solutions

As a global IT provider, we are experts in creating interactive portal solutions for healthcare based on industry leading CRM toolsets that facilitate communication between patients, clinical sites, clinical research associates and pharma sales representatives.

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Patient Retention

We understand the full spectrum of patient-related matters leading to patient non-adherence in clinical trials and beyond. In order to reduce non-adherence & rising drop-out rates, we offer a set of services aimed at measuring such risk. Our solutions include a comprehensive visualization of patient journeys while continuously adapting to physical, psychological and behavioral fluctuations. Our services in this field include reactive, proactive and nurse visits at patient homes.

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Medical Helpdesk

In the event that our level 1 teams are confronted with a case of adverse event, our level 2 teams of registered nurses will make sure we handle adverse event incidences following all applicable regulatory guidelines and regulations.

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Digital Marketing

We create custom-made digital interactions within the healthcare industry stakeholders going from virtual conferences, patient & clinical site personnel interactions, social media and targeted audiences.

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Clinical Application Development

Today, e-clinical applications are more critical than ever for the healthcare industry. Are you getting the most out of your applications? When it comes to developing new applications or maintaining existing ones, the stakes are equally high. Our application development services provide solutions to deliver superior support to internal and external end users throughout their digital journey. As an agile development and implementation partner with staff augmentation, nearshore, offshore and onshore delivery capabilities, we provide flexible, cost-efficient application services that match your quality, responsiveness, and value expectations.

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The convergence of IT, operational technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) means that any flaw in technology could have far greater implications than ever before.

Meanwhile, succeeding in a highly competitive landscape involves remaining ahead of the curve as richer digital services and feature-heavy products are developed at faster rates.

At the same time as evolving their offer and embracing new technologies, businesses need to remain secure. It’s important that cyber security programs do not impact the agility of a business. We work with our clients to create a sustainable set of controls, balancing their need to protect their businesses with their need to evolve them. Our solution has been evolving for over 20 years, and brings together tools, best practices and extensive experience. It is built on extensive R&D, resulting in an innovative model that exceeds client expectations.

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CRO Field Force IT Support

The nature of work of clinical research associates is changing rapidly in the healthcare industry, and with it, the demands of environments that they are dealing with. Our IT support services ensure the new workplace and the devices they depend on work for their business. With new technologies like cognitive intelligence, automation, and analytics, Stefanini will transform their remote digital workplace and enhance the end-user experience for your clinical research associates in the field.

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Data Analytics

In healthcare, data is the new oil. The potential value of clinical data doesn’t come from uncooked material as such but rather results from the way it’s processed. We offer a set of analytic solutions aiming at focusing on the classification of data into descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. As such, our offer aims to offer an extra layer of information that is generated out of general data from various sources based on specific and commonly used methods. This will result in a broader interpretation of interlinked data with the purpose of improving ongoing process and leading to an overall increase of efficiency.

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ServiceNow Partnership

We believe in co-creating solutions to disrupt the business landscape. We do this by working with a network of best-in-class industry leaders, accredited research universities, and innovation-focused companies across multiple continents. As a result, Stefanini’s collaboration ecosystem is the backbone of its innovation offering, providing solutions that are valuable, uniquely tailored to business objectives, and reflective of the very latest industry developments. Since May 2019 Stefanini has been awarded the Silver Services Partner designation by ServiceNow which allows us to not implement but also consult on the best usage of this CRM application suite within the healthcare industry, which we have also implemented as default toolset for managing business across our customer portfolio.

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