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Digital Banking

New world. New challenges.

Rapidly shifting economic conditions, growing regulatory oversight, rising customer expectations, top-line progress, and transparency are some of the challenges that the banking industry is currently experiencing. Additionally, the fact that global technology is assuming a “digital” identity at a rapid rate is another issue that banks are aiming to address when offering new client solutions. Today’s business is largely influenced by lower growth margins, extreme volatility, and increasing regulations. Banks want to meet these expectations by reorienting their people, processes, and technology.

Our Digital Banking Capability

Based on the expertise of almost three decades serving tier-1 global banks with over 8,000 consultants worldwide, we leverage our prevalent domain and technical proficiency to deliver solutions to the leading banks and financial institutions across the globe.

Positioned as an important business partner of our clients, we invest in financial services of the future for mobility and social networks to offer innovative, proactive services. Our banking solutions are aligned with the need for digital transformation, addressing issues of developing new business models and defining new business architecture. In addition, we rationalize technology, upgrade systems, and automate processes. Our services assist banks with expanding their customer base, offering better services and providing an enhanced customer experience that meshes well with changing technology.

Stefanini’s end-to-end solutions are tailored to retail banking, wealth management, capital markets, residential and commercial lending, and regulatory compliance.

Solutions Tailored to Banks of Any Size

With a goal of providing these benefits for any size of bank or institutional company, we have solutions tailored specifically for small to medium-sized banks. We are flexible enough as a mid-size player, but have the scale needed to provide a global experience for our clients. Capabilities such as detailed analytics are now available for small banks, and we can provide them the ability to utilize the benefits of this technology. Our aim is to digitally transform banking solutions to stay up to date in a rapidly-evolving technological sphere, and our global capabilities and technical expertise ensure we get the job done.

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