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Banking Consulting

Seeing the future of banking today

We work with banks to apply digital transformation, manage risk, and drive profitability.

Changing customer demands require a prompt, scalable delivery. Consumers are pushing the digital boundaries to the limits. Stefanini’s banking consulting services provide strategy and design, customer marketing and personalization, digital commerce and client services.

Our banking consulting for mobility services include connected devices and products, Stefanini IoT solutions, and enterprise mobility.

With analytics, we identify ways to improve and provide the needed digital banking solutions. Our offer includes the creation of bank loyalty segmentation toolsets, winnable share models, customer state management, experimental design and rapid cycle testing, and channel preference modeling. Stefanini co-provides these solutions with our partner, Fulcrum Analytics, an industry leader in analytics, database marketing, and CRM solutions. Through one package of solutions, our banking consultants provide an assessment to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities; develop a transformation roadmap; and optimize, modernize, migrate, and sustain all the services related to the banking market.

Stefanini Banking and Financial Solutions

IT Operations & IT Strategy

Optimizing and aligning to keep up with the future of business and technology

  • With a focused IT operations strategy, our banking consulting offer is designed to help CIOs optimize IT operations to “unlock” value and align with future trends.
  • Our business consulting competency center is able to integrate with the North American market and bring our expertise in management consulting to the table, which enables us to provide a more business-focused solution to clients’ needs.

Banking Consultancy

Development Projects

Reducing costs with Stefanini nearshore mainframe services

  • Based on customer requests, we are able to ramp-up resources to a project in two weeks’ time and provide banking solutions on various technology platforms. We provide a flexible delivery model across onsite, offsite, and nearshore locations, and we have a seamless hub-spoke integration model that will ensure local competency leads will be integrated with our global banking financial solution centers of excellence in Brazil and the United States.
  • Banking Consultants start projects in the nearshore delivery model out of our centers and can be leveraged for short- and long-term assignments. This helps retain the knowledge base, and this type of cross-fertilization is essential to the success of our flexible delivery model. These senior resources are not just technically focused, but also bring in a strong understanding of the banking financial services platforms, domain, and processes.

Banking Consulting

Managed Services Delivery

Globally-reaching capabilities

Among our unique characteristics, we are present in 39 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Pan-Asia Region. Stefanini is ramping up in Europe, especially in Germany, Romania, and Poland, which can handle cross-border transactions.

  • We have delivery centers throughout the globe.   For clients who demand a cost-effective, follow-the-sun model, we are able to offer our solution to centers in Manila and India; they can complement the offer provided in centers in the United States, Brazil, or Mexico.
  • We are responsive and agile to quickly adapt to the needs of our customers.
  • This is an important differential, especially with the 24/7 type of agile support engagements which need continuous handovers and global support.

banking consulting for mainframe

Mainframe Solutions

Managing and maintaining legacy systems

We have a robust, younger generation of mainframe resources in Brazil — 90% of which work with bank-related clients. This is an important skill when you look at the U.S., where there is an aging workforce problem with many  banks and financial institutions. Most of the legacy banking systems are on the mainframe and will continue to be on the mainframe. We offer a unique model for our clients that is able to reduce the costs and risks associated with supporting legacy mainframe systems.

banking consulting - Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Protecting against financial fraud

  • Our AML solution is comprised of software specifically designed to prevent and detect money laundering by providing real alerts and reducing false positives. The solution can be implemented in 8 weeks (compared to 1-1.5 years) at 25% of the budget that is currently necessary to implement commercial services of this kind.
  • The solution allows compliance officers to reach more reliable conclusions about each potential case. However, the software does more than simply generate alerts. If alerts are generated and cannot be processed, the problem persists. The objective of our AML system is not only to generate alerts but to provide the elements to solve them as well.