Stefanini Dive

Stefanini Dive

Deliver meaningful innovation in just 5 days

The Digital Transformation frenzy has not only reduced the window of opportunity a business has for evolving, but it can drastically diminish the company brand image in a matter of months.
Still, any given business has limited financial and human resources to allocate and therefor it cannot blindly implement any innovation idea that exists.

How about reducing to just a week the time spent on back and forth discussions needed for generating an approved digital exploration initiative and the time needed for obtaining some meaningful insights from your implemented solution?

Stefanini Dive is a methodology to address heads-on, in a holistic approach, the real life, fundamental business needs or uncertainties using an immersive, collaborative engagement to create and validate innovative solutions in 5 days.

Stefanini Dive key benefits:

  • Lightning-Fast Time to Value
  • Solution focused on and validated by the end users
  • Holistic understanding of the environment
  • Stimulation of ideas
  • Shared vision and sense of ownership
  • Increased learning through co-creation

If you have difficulties with any of the followings:

  • Enhancing the value chain of your Business Processes
  • Reshaping your Portfolio of Services or Products
  • Updating your Market Positioning
  • Evolving your Operating Model,

our consultants are here to help explain how Stefanini Dive can get you in just a week from a business need to a validated prototype of an approved solution, always focused enhanced customer experience.

Mario Pires


“Bringing an external partner to help us analyze business problems is always of added value. On this Dive, Stefanini suggested us to shift our perspective and focus on the operational team, instead of the end client. This made all the difference as we then turned our efforts on building a tool with a great internal customer experience to drive adoption by the operational team. This was crucial to guarantee we could offer our end customer the service quality we were aiming at the beginning. ” (Mario Pires, Head of Business Development & Innovation at GeoStar)