Mainframe Services

Mainframe Services from Stefanini

We help CIOs of IT organizations who are grappling with aging mainframe systems, a shortage of mainframe talented resources to support them, and the retirement of key personnel.  The high cost of operating mission-critical applications in a host environment has also become a concern for many companies.

There is an increasing demand for lean IT departments that yield measurable results for the business. Legacy systems, especially mission-critical ones, present a significant challenge, especially when they involve high volume global business transactions and mainframe performance management that spans mainframe and distributed systems.

Our dedicated team of strategy, technology, and implementation professionals will work with you to understand and evaluate your current state and customize a solution to meet your specific business needs. Whether you refresh, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance or rebuild, our global teams will ensure a seamless transition for your enterprise and end users.

Dedicated Mainframe Services Team

Our Mainframe Services team achieves demonstrable value through the following:

  • Providing a model that represents the ideal mix of nearshore and onsite mainframe resources
  • Accessing highly qualified mainframe development professionals through our dedicated Global Delivery Centers
  • Offering best-in-breed automated mainframe application testing tools
  • Extending the useful life of legacy applications at a significantly reduced cost compared to replacement
  • Migrating custom mainframe applications, written in legacy languages or hosted on retiring platforms, to more desirable solutions
  • Updating mainframe documentation that is outdated and resides only with employees

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