Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented/Mixed Reality

“Knowledge is power” and Augmented / Mixed reality applications are the next revolution in transforming the abundance of information that exists today into ready to use knowledge.
After the Internet liberalized the access to information for virtually everybody and the Mobile devices & applications enabled accessing that information from everywhere, the Augmented/Mixed Reality comes to complete this trinity by extending the user’s world with contextual, relevant and actionable information.

With over three years of experience in designing and implementing enterprise AR applications, Stefanini understands that creating a successful AR/MR implementation is much more that developing a mobile application and is making available a comprehensive set of tools, techniques and services to accelerate the time to market and reduce the financial exposure associated with the exploration and launch of AR/MR initiatives.

Stefanini – 360 degrees services for AR/MR successful implementation

Leveraging on the broad experience in the fields of custom applications, mobile application and AR application implementation, Stefanini is here for to be a trusted partner for its customers through every step of the journey to have a business viable AR application implementation. Stefanini set of services in the AR/MR area include:

  • Consultancy services for identifying valid, compelling opportunities for AR/MR implementation
  • UX services considering operational, social and physiological dimensions
  • Digital content creation for maximizing the impact and/or benefits delivered by the implementation
  • Application Testing Services specifically designed for the mobile and AR environment
  • Usability testing for increasing the probability of a successful adoption into operations
  • Deployment into production for both front and back-end components
  • Cloud hosting and maintenance
  • Evolution and continuous improvement