Application Management Services

Application Management Services

Application Management Services

Application Management in complex and dynamic environments can be challenging with a need to balance multiple conflicting priorities and limited resources.  From cutting costs to enabling growth to driving agility, expectations from Application Management Services and its ensuing possibilities are unlimited, leaving most of the business executives perplexed. Additionally, there are IT executives who are increasingly frustrated with current Service Delivery and concerned about availability of IT Services to the business.

Stefanini helps business and IT executives navigate through the uncertainty and challenges commonly experienced with Application Management Services.  Stefanini has a wide range of Service Delivery and Technology capability to transition and transform Client’s Application Portfolio.  We partner with our clients in a flexible, collaborative approach to define and implement a customized solution, which specifically meets prioritized needs and objectives.

Best Practices White Papers

Stefanini’s team can help you gain benefits from AMS by using some important best practices.
Companies seek outsourced Application Management Services when they need to improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs. There are several options to choose from, including nearshoring.
We invite you to discover in the following whitepapers some interesting best practices that can help you to get the most benefits out of outsourced Application Management Services.

Stefanini AMS Portfolio

Stefanini’s Application Management Services are designed to take complete responsibility of a Client’s Application Portfolio to provide a range of services including:

  • Production Support
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Monitoring
  • Request Fulfillment

With an ongoing focus to continuously improve the maturity through best-in-class processes and proactive operations, Stefanini significantly reduces the “reactive” component of the Application Management Services body of work to not only generate significant cost savings but also enhance the quality of the services delivered.

Stefanini positions our Application Management Services as a solution stack with differentiated point solutions enabling us to deliver AMS Services in a differentiated manner.   Examples of point solutions include:

  • Application Performance Management to improve Customer experience
  • Dev-Ops for Environment Simulation to reduce Time-to-Market
  • Demand and Workforce Optimization Toolkit embedded as part of Transition and Launch toolkit which delivers a day one optimization of 10%-15%
  • Lean IT toolkit for waste elimination and cycle time improvement
  • Technology and Process Transformation Toolkits designed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the application stack
  • Continuous Improvement Toolkit driven by business value indicators

Stefanini Global Delivery Centers in Brazil, Mexico, India, and Romania excel in delivery frameworks to ensure the necessary rigor and discipline to deliver services in a predictable manner.

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