Application Testing Services

Application Testing ServicesBusinesses are more dependent on software applications than ever before – and in an era of ever-increasing digitalisation, this is only set to continue. As a result, the reliability of your applications can be the difference between success and failure.

A constant evolution of infrastructure, processes and technology means application time-to-market is critical, and above all, it means solutions must be totally reliable and adaptable to meet changing needs.

In this context, Application Testing Services offers immediate benefits to businesses, allowing them to reduce their costs and time to market, while ensuring they deliver the highest quality applications.

Stefanini has longstanding experience in custom application development and software testing – with CCMI Level 3 grade testing & governance, as well as a standard methodology for defining, launching and running Application Testing Services. Stefanini has a wide range of service delivery and technology capability to transition and transform the way a client’s application portfolio is built and maintained. We partner with our clients in a flexible, collaborative approach to define and implement a customized solution, which is tailored towards meeting key needs and objectives.

Stefanini Testing Services Portfolio

Stefanini Testing Services can be delivered as a completely outsourced solution or can be organically integrated with the customer’s existing testing processes, procedures and infrastructure.

Our offering includes the complete set of activities for validations, verifications, management and governance and tooling required, ensuring your application landscape delivers the expected benefits.

Businesses might use testing services for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Limited investment budget with a priority set on product management and software development
  • A need for mature, professional testing processes and procedures but limited budget to create and maintain these
  • Fluctuating testing requirements, with busy and quiet periods
  • Dependency on business users to run the acceptance of custom applications created by a third party
  • Limited budget for creating the infrastructure needed for testing

Regardless of your specific business situation, or the combination of factors that might be driving your testing requirements, Stefanini can act as your trusted partner in meeting your business needs

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