The Journey of Stefanini


Follow Stefanini’s history in our timeline:

1987: Marco Stefanini establishes his training company.

1989: Opened its first office.

1990: Started systems development and maintenance services.

1994: Developed customized solutions for systems and application software (Software Factory).

1995: Launched additional offices outside of São Paulo: Campinas, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

1996: Launched first international expansion with the beginning of operations in Argentina.

2000: Launched second stage of the international expansion to include Chile and Mexico.

2001: Launched multiple expansion efforts including the first foray in the United States, Peru, and Colombia.

2003: Established a presence in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

2005: Received one of the most recognized IT certifications: CMMI – Level 5.

2006: Established its international presence with new offices in London and India.

2008: Focused on organic growth and international expansion, began operations in Canada.

2009: Created Stefanini Document Solutions from the acquisition Callere, and received the Certification MPS.BR level A.

2010: Acquisition of Tech Team Global Inc., an important addition that leverages the continuing process of globalization. Stefanini continues organic growth and acquired VANguard, a Brazilan company focused on security portfolio.

2011: Consolidated as a global company by acquiring CXI in the USA and Informática & Tecnología in Colombia. Enjoyed further organic growth with the launch of 7 new offices in Brazil.

2012: Expands and strengthens its role in technology with the acquisition of Orbitall (card processing), the Uruguayan Top Systems (solutions for the financial sector) and Woopi (focused on innovation projects). Arrives at the 30th country with the opening of its subsidiary in South Africa, and is also recognized as the 4th most innovative company in Brazil, the publication Fast Company.

2013: We continues to invest in its North American operations by acquiring RCG Staffing, the IT recruiting and staffing division of RCG Global Services.

2014: Stefanini starts operations in Malaysia, reinforcing the growth strategy in the Asian market. ISO 27.001 certification was obtained.

2015: We joined Tema Sistemas to establish a joint venture – Stefanini Capital Market. Several mergers were announced: with IHM Engenharia, which manages multidisciplinary industrial projects in various segments; with Inspiring, which has become the telecommunication branch of Stefanini Group, and with Saque e Pague, a self-service multi-service network. The multinational also opened a new office in São José dos Campos (SP); in Ontario, Canada, and in Singapore. In addition, it also achieved the ISO 20000 certification.

Learn more about the story of Stefanini and its founder, Marco Stefanini, in the book The Son of the Crisis, from writer Rogério Godinho.