Stefanini Commitment to Quality

At Stefanini, we believe that listening to our customers is a key component in delivering quality products and services. We are committed to meeting our customers’ quality expectations and actively adopting relevant quality standards. Our quality commitment is driven by our employees’ dedication, loyalty, accountability, honesty, and discipline, which ultimately translates into being part of a team that shares similar values with Stefanini’s customers.

Stefanini’s global quality policy focuses on:

  • meeting the expectations of our customers through processes, quality standards and continuous improvement of our services;
  • being a reference for customer relationships and customer satisfaction;
  • ensuring data security;
  • promoting a harmonious, safe and inclusive working environment;
  • developing our business with integrity and responsibility toward the community and environment

Quality IT outsourcing - Stefanini

ISO Certification

Stefanini was one of the first IT outsourcing companies in the United States to receive ISO certification, earning ISO 9001:1994 in 1995 and ISO 9001:2015 in 2016. This certification proves to third-party assessors, as well as our customers, that we follow a set of internationally recognized quality standards. In addition, in 2014 Stefanini achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification, delivering secure services for our customers following a recognized standard for information Security Management.

Lean Six Sigma

Our adoption of Lean Six Sigma strengthens our quality assurance program by building on the quality management standards of ISO. Stefanini employs more than 60 individuals with expertise in Lean Six Sigma. This has accelerated our adoption of Lean Six Sigma as part of our continuous improvement culture.

IT Infrastructure Library

Stefanini has implemented ITIL®  best practices across our operations. We have an ITIL®  Service Manager on staff, and nearly 300 employees certified at the ITIL®  Foundation level. ITIL®  Foundation training is offered to both employees and customers, on an ongoing basis.

Continuous Improvement

By following these world-class standards for service excellence, the members of our Performance Management Office and service delivery teams partner with customers to produce quality business results. Throughout our 25 years in business, we have developed proven methods to evaluate and ensure continuous process improvement. These include our annual client satisfaction survey, focus groups, rigorous post-launch reviews, data analysis, trend metrics, employee orientation and training.


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