Using Design Thinking to facilitate Digital Transformation

Using Design Thinking to facilitate Digital Transformation

Using Design Thinking to facilitate Digital Transformation

For developing valid and valuable Digital Transformation initiatives, Stefanini uses its proprietary methodology

Named Stefanini Dive, it builds upon the Design Thinking and Lean Innovation principles and is a fast-tracked methodology, based on a collaborative approach, that helps answering critical business questions by generating validated solution for a given business problem.

Stefanini has a global, multi-disciplinary team, focusing on innovation and digital transformation, which is engaged in driving the creative processes required for transforming our customers business. Based on the concept of Design Thinking, we have launched the Stefanini Dive service, a lightning fast methodology that addresses heads-on the real life challenges. Within five days, we examine the fundamental business necessities existing in our customers’ business environment and identify as well as validate “out of the box” solutions with the aim of innovatively enhancing the value chain exiting in their business model.

According to Razvan Tapu, Stefanini’s Lead for New Business and Strategic Initiatives in EMEA, the relationship between customers and IT companies has changed a lot in recent years. “Before, whenever a request was reaching an IT provider, it was already detailed and validated by the purchaser. In the present days, in our customer’s organizations, the challenge of selecting what area of the business to enhance and to select the transformation initiative where to allocate the limited resources an organization possesses, has never been more difficult. And by limited resources, we should understand beside financial and human ones, also the window of opportunity and goodwill that an organization has. The Time-To-Value is critical. Therefore it is essential for the solution providers to be available from moment zero of a digital initiative, working side by side with all the customers’ stakeholders through the divergent and convergent thinking phases, in a joint effort to make it a success”.

Borrowing from the Design Thinking concept, Stefanini Dive aims at delivering solutions focused on and validated by the end users. After the Dive, if the client’s perception is positive about the proposal, Stefanini’s Innovation & Digital team starts the development of the complete solution. “Innovation is a matter of business survival. This is why we need to be agile in solving business challenges; there is no time our customers can wait for large consultancies to perform extensive diagnostics and propose solutions.” Mr. Tapu pointed out.

Stefanini’s Digital & Innovation team has worked very closely with retail, manufacturing and professional services companies, amongst others. Original Bank, for example, found in Stefanini a strategic business partner for the development of digital channels and services. Out of the 20 projects implemented since 2015 by Stefanini, there are some that stand out, including Remote Opening of Accounts, Commercial Manager’s Platform and Collection and Delivery.

“At the moment, our team in Latin America is working on a pay-as-you-go project that will allow clients of an insurance company to buy cheaper and fairer car insurance, based only on the time they use the vehicle”, mentioned Mr. Tapu. “Design Thinking is not limited to the creation of applications to facilitate the day to day operations. The concept is more comprehensive and is directly linked to the challenges but mostly to the solution of problems in various sectors and areas of activity”, complements Stefanini’s representative.