The importance of Romania for outsourcing businesses

The importance of Romania for outsourcing businesses

The importance of Romania for outsourcing businesses

Why Romania is an outsourcing destination worth shouting about

A recent Emerging Europe article outlined how Romania has “been on the periphery of the sourcing radar for some time now, but has never really made it to the front and centre”.

This was partly attributed to the “competitive nature of outsourcing” which prevents businesses from collectively shouting “about what a wonderful value proposition Romania is”.

Firstly, we should note that our industry is beginning to shout. For instance, Stefanini was a founding member of Romania’s Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), which has been created to bring together major outsourcing businesses to strengthen recognition of the sector and its contribution to the economy.

In that spirit, here at Stefanini, we want to make clear we’re more than happy to shout about Romania. It’s a hugely important outsourcing market from which we’re able to provide exceptional service to more than 80 clients across the world.

The growth of our business in the country underlines its importance to us. Six years ago, we employed 450 people. Now, we employ more than 1,400 people in three delivery centers across Romania.

Here’s how and why we achieved that growth:

A talented workforce

Romania has a wealth of highly skilled, multilingual professionals with exceptional technical abilities.

As a result, Stefanini is able to provide first-rate tech support from Romania to businesses across the globe in 15 different languages – including English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Russian and Hebrew – which has driven growth in our global business and, in turn, our presence in Romania.

And that’s a trend that’s set to continue. Not only have we increased the number of service desk staff by 40 percent over the last three years, but also we anticipate we’ll have a team of 2,000 over the course of the next 12-18 months and plan to double our presence across the entire Balkans over the coming years.

A commitment to continual improvement

Because the team in Romania is growing so quickly, we needed to make sure that all new members of the team understood and met Stefanini’s commitment to delivering exceptional service.

As a result, we kicked off a major service drive in Romania and invited employees across the business to contribute ideas on what exceptional service looks like.

Our team in Romania was fully engaged and played an important role in developing a program that has since helped deliver more than 100 initiatives across Europe, all designed to ensure we consistently deliver world-class service to clients.

It’s this combination of technical and language skills with a real commitment to continually improving our service that has driven such impressive growth in Romania.

Close proximity to our clients

Unlike many other popular outsourcing destinations, Romania is close both geographically and culturally to our European clients.

While Stefanini is able to successfully support businesses across the globe from Romania, our European clients in particular appreciate the support they receive from teams operating in a similar time zone, who also have an understanding of the business culture in their country.

An outsourcing destination worth shouting about

As an active member of the ABSL, we will be fully involved in the association’s efforts to raise the profile of outsourcing in Romania.

In the meantime, we’re happy to continue shouting about Romania. The more clients become aware of the exceptional service we can deliver from the country, the more we can invest in our growth and our success, both in Romania and across the world.