Succeeding in testing times with testing services

Why testing services are more important than ever – and how to select the right partner

Why testing services are more important than ever – and how to select the right partner

Why testing services are more important than ever – and how to select the right partner

Businesses have never been more dependent on software applications and an increasingly digital landscape means this trend is only set to continue.

This is significant because it means the reliability of applications is becoming the difference between business success and failure.

In a competitive business landscape, in which innovative digital businesses can disrupt entire industries, a smooth and rich customer experience must be underpinned by totally reliable applications, which work perfectly regardless of usage and traffic patterns.

No business can achieve this without a proper focus on application validation and verification, which will concern those companies seeking to contain costs by reducing IT budgets.

There is, however, a way to create an entirely reliable application landscape without significant additional costs.

This involves a more flexible approach to testing services, in which companies pay just for the level of service they need and can adjust this depending on their changing requirements. For many businesses, this type of flexibility will be key when it comes to choosing a testing services partner.

What to look for in a testing services provider?

Because businesses are more dependent on their applications than ever before, they should also be more thorough than ever when selecting a testing services provider. Businesses should ensure they meet a number of requirements:


How qualified is the team that will be entrusted with testing your applications? Do they hold advanced qualifications, or do they have skills in a specific area – perhaps mobile or cloud – and will these specialists be working for you?


Will your testing services provider be able to respond quickly to your needs? Will they be prepared to innovate to meet your exact requirements? Certainly a smaller testing services company is likely to be more nimble than a large business. But then do they have the resource and global footprint to support you if you are a larger enterprise? For bigger businesses, it’s important that any testing services partner can offer both agility and a global presence.


Can the partner adapt according to your requirements? Perhaps you have specific testing needs or you have already invested in testing infrastructure that you want to keep. Maybe you have busy and quiet periods and only want to pay for the services you need. Not every testing services provider will be able to adapt according to your unique requirements, so it’s important to consider these and question any prospective partner on how flexible they are.

Benefits of testing services

The most obvious benefit of selecting the right testing services partner is confidence you gain in the reliability of the applications that your business depends on.

Beyond this, however, with the right partner, providing the right degree of professionalism and flexibility, you can reduce the costs associated with application testing, reduce the time-to-market of application and IT-enabled services and improve the efficiency of testing across the entire lifecycle of the operation.

And, with applications only set to become more central to business success, those are hugely valuable benefits.

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