Service excellence at Stefanini

Stefanini boosts service with international initiative

Stefanini boosts service with international initiative

Stefanini boosts service with international initiative

Stefanini has implemented a major drive to offer truly world-class service to clients and create an excellent environment for employees through an international service culture program.

The program has produced more than 100 separate initiatives across Europe, since it kicked off at the beginning of last year in Romania, the Stefanini site where there has been a 40 percent increase in service desk staff over the last three years.

Client service excellence

The program includes both educational sessions exploring how to help clients and colleagues, as well as how to generate value for them, along with a more in-depth onboarding process for new joiners, ensuring that new Stefanini employees will bring the commitment to exceptional service that has been established across the business.

The initiative will enhance all aspects of how Stefanini delivers service to clients, from the technical knowledge of employees to the quality of delivery systems, along with the mindset of employees and the desire to establish succesful ongoing relationships. These intiaitives haven’t been determined by senior managmenet – instead Stefanini employees throughout the business have been selected to participate in the program and share their views on what excpetional service looks like, as well as the steps the company can take to realise this.

Success in the intiative is being tracked throught net promoter scores (NPS) and customer satisfcation surveys, with a long-term aim to boost satisfaction by 5 percent on most accounts.

Mihaela Dobre, EMEA Training Lead at Stefanini, says: “This is an exciting long-term plan to ensure Stefanini is truly best in class in the service it delivers. Already, we’ve seen people talking with a common language, understanding and evaluating service in the same way and demonstrating total commitment to creating strong ongoing relationships.”

Internal service – creating a great work environment

The service culture program is also addressing internal ‘service’ – creating a great place to work by encouraging employees to support and communicate with their colleagues effectively across the business.

This is not only boosting employee engagement, but also playing a role in improving service to clients, with happier, more supported employees meeting client needs better.

Mihaela Dobre adds: “There’s a clear link between how we deliver for our clients and how we work together internally, and our service culture initiative is playing an important role in addressing both to ensure we provide a world-class experience internally and to clients.“