Stefanini at the Retail Banking Conference in Miami, FL

Retail Banking Conference

Retail Banking ConferenceStefanini Presents its Digital Banking Expertise at the Retail Banking Conference

From March 22-24, the event will feature more than 70 speakers and 40 sessions on the future of banking in Miami, FL

Stefanini will present its digital expertise on IT solutions at the Retail Banking Conference in Miami, FL from March 22-24. The event will feature more than 70 speakers and 40 sessions discussing the future of banking in the face of new challenges.

During these three days, Stefanini will present its finance and banking offer tailored to banks for applying digital transformation, managing risk and driving profitability. Based on the expertise of almost three decades serving global banks and the finance industry, and with over 8,000 consultants worldwide, Stefanini provides innovative, proactive financial services for mobility and social networks.

“Our banking solutions are aligned with the need for digital transformation, addressing issues of developing new business models and defining new business architecture,” said David Castillo, the practice leader responsible for banking and financial services at Stefanini North America. “Our services assist banks with expanding their customer base and providing an enhanced customer experience that meshes well with changing technology,” said Mr. Castillo.

Offers Tailored to Help Any Size Bank Grow Through Digital Transformation

Stefanini has solutions for any size bank or financial institution, tailored specifically to retail banking, wealth management, capital markets, residential and commercial lending, and regulatory compliance. The company is flexible enough as a mid-size player but also possesses the scale needed to truly provide a global experience for clients in North America. “Our aim is to digitally transform banking solutions to stay up to date in a rapidly-evolving technological sphere, and our global capabilities and technical expertise ensure we get the job done,” affirmed Mr. Castillo.

Stefanini’s mobility solutions include connected devices and products, Stefanini IoT solutions, and enterprise mobility. With analytics tools, Stefanini is able to identify ways to improve and provide the needed solutions. The offer includes the creation of bank loyalty segmentation toolsets, winnable share models, customer state management, experimental design and rapid cycle testing, and channel preference modeling. Stefanini co-provides these solutions in partnership with Fulcrum Analytics, an industry leader in analytics, database marketing, and CRM solutions. “Through one package of solutions, we provide an assessment to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities; develop a transformation roadmap; and optimize, modernize, migrate, and sustain all the services related to the banking market,” said Mr. Castillo.

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