Stefanini Presents its Expertise in IT Solutions at SSON

Stefanini is reinforcing its extensive business process outsourcing (BPO) 

Stefanini will be presenting its expertise on providing IT solutions at SSON’s North American Shared Services and Outsourcing Week. Considered the world’s largest and longest running event for shared services, outsourcing, transformation and GBS (Global Business Services) professionals, the SSOW will occur March 6-9, 2017, in Orlando, Florida; it will unite nearly 850 professionals to discuss how to overcome challenges and share knowledge.

During the event, Stefanini will demonstrate how it has strengthened its extensive business process outsourcing (BPO) offering and a portfolio of solutions based on electronic document management. “We are excited to share Stefanini’s capabilities by increasing value-added services, like Stefanini’s cognitive computing platform. It has the ability to turn data into valuable solutions, with a focus on self-adapting, interactive and contextual automation that enables self-learning, human-like interaction and self-healing automation capabilities.”

Acting as a third party service, BPO has earned more visibility for managing specific aspects of a business. “Time and time again, businesses turn to Stefanini’s BPO services for cost reduction, automation, innovation and value-added services through technology. Our complete BPO offering spans 39 countries and is available in 35 languages,” said Daniel Itzicovitch, global BPO director for the northern hemisphere at Stefanini. “BPO empowers companies to concentrate on their core business activities and deliver continuous improvements, along with better technology processes, lower costs, reports, optimized operations and ongoing insight from trained professionals.”

Overcoming Challenges Through Technology

This year’s SSOW comes at a complex time for the industry, as many shared service leaders find themselves rapidly moving into uncharted territory. Although immensely challenging, this smart and automated business environment provides unparalleled opportunities for shared services that have a plan and know how to manage this transformation.

“BPO and automation technologies are evolving and gaining the intelligence to not only search for information in databases but to carry out activities in multiple systems in order to achieve reduced costs, continuous improvement and proper environmental management. BPO offerings must use these tools to bring innovation into businesses,” said Mr. Itzicovitch.

Stefanini’s business proposal is to act as a full-time consultant for its customers, always looking for new ways to innovate and leverage growth through the use of new technologies that give the business a competitive advantage.

Advantages of the Model

  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increased performance, productivity and operational efficiency
  • Management and control of processes based on performance indicators
  • Exchange of fixed costs into variable costs
  • Standardization of business processes
  • Technological innovation

One of the solutions that Stefanini is highlighting during the event is a portfolio of electronic document management tools, which are able to scan engines, produce superior quality images, convert physical documents into digital and index the information. This allows the data extraction process to push data integration across multiple systems (HR, finance, procurement and others).

In addition, the RPA—Platform for Robotic Process Automation of Stefanini—is able to simulate human interaction with the computer. The solution is capable of extracting data from the screen, or any other system, and automating repetitive tasks by pushing and exchanging data between systems. “During these four days, we will be showcasing our portfolio of innovative IT solutions, reinforcing our position as one of the leading providers of business solutions based on IT and demonstrating how our solutions can help our clients achieve their business goals,” concludes Mr. Itzicovitch.