Innovating for the future at Stefanini

Innova Seed - Innovating for the future at Stefanini

Innova Seed - Innovating for the future at Stefanini

How Stefanini is meeting tomorrow’s challenges through innovation

There can scarcely be a more important time to embed innovation at the heart of your business.

When everything that was once dumb and disconnected is now wired and intelligent, each technological advancement amplifies the impact of another, creating a perfect storm of change.

Quantum computing fuels big data, while the Internet of Things powers artificial intelligence and deep learning, which in turn creates new possibilities for robotics.

This transformed landscape means transformed expectations amongst businesses and consumers.

As a result, it’s becoming impossible to stand still – you’re either innovating, adapting and moving forward, or you’re falling behind.

Here at Stefanini, we realized the only way to unleash innovation in a way that meets the scale of the change and the challenges posed by the new landscape is to fully harness the talent and creativity that exists across our organization.

In recent years, we’ve done this through Innova Seed, our innovation program that brings together small groups across the globe and trains them to develop prototypes of new ideas and present these to our directors.

We then have a graduation ceremony, with prizes for the teams with the winning ideas, some of which we’re using in our company today, including a mobile app we currently use for internal communications in Brazil.

We’re also building on Innova Seed with a brand new pilot scheme, Stefanini Insights, which will invite employees from around the world to contribute innovative ideas about ways we can work better.

Tania Herrezeel, EMEA Marketing Director at Stefanini, says: “Innova Seed and Stefanini Insights form an important part of our business culture. They underline the fact that we don’t consider innovation to be some sort of magic process reserved for a select few. Instead, we recognize that everyone has an important role to play in driving continual improvement in the way we work. We’re excited by the future and proud to be meeting its challenges by encouraging and rewarding ideas from everyone.”