Stefanini named the Fifth Most Internationalized Company

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global companyStefanini Remains the Fifth Most Internationalized Company According to the FDC Ranking

Stefanini was named the fifth most internationalized Brazilian multinational company in the FDC Ranking of Brazilian Multinational Companies 2016, published by Fundação Dom Cabral. Although Stefanini keeps the same position as last year, the company advanced the evaluation criteria about the number of countries where the company is present, and also index of assets, occupying the top ranking in these two categories.

Throughout 2015, Stefanini’s strategy remained focused on consolidating international acquisitions and increasing foreign investments in the country. Additionally, the company is extending internationalization efforts—with a presence in 39 countries, currently—and reinforcing its brand in connection with innovation.

With a robust structure and keen awareness of major technological trends, Stefanini can help digitally transform customers’ businesses in preparation for the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Their solutions include the latest in cognitive intelligence, loyalty platforms, robotics and BPO, among others.

Internationalization Strategy

“Internationalization is one of Stefanini’s growth pillars. We are always looking for new opportunities that can bring innovative solutions to the company’s portfolio in order to promote the transformation of our clients’ businesses—from the standpoint of the quality of the offer and also the reduction of costs,” says Marco Stefanini, global CEO of the Stefanini Group.

Since 2006, the FDC Ranking of Brazilian Multinationals has explored various topics related to the internationalization of companies; they have also provided data and reflections on the trajectory of Brazilian multinationals, the challenges they face and trends in international management. The research allows us to understand the international strategies adopted and the results achieved, generating relevant knowledge for companies.

In its 11th edition, this ranking highlights the research theme of strategic decision-making processes and operational tactics in the internationalization of Brazilian companies. The FDC considers it fundamental to reflect on the degree of autonomy that overseas subsidiary companies are enjoying, seeing that this is a critical factor to take into account when analyzing speed and the ability to adapt to various markets.