Stefanini Receives the Brazilian 2016 Leaders Leadership Award

LeadershipAwardImageThe Award recognized the commitment of leaders from different segments

Stefanini received the Brazilian 2016 Leaders Leadership Award in the Information Technology category last week. Promoted by the LIDE Group—Business Leaders Group—the award honors companies and their leaders in various sectors of the economy, in addition to recognizing the managers’ commitment to developing the country.

For Monica Herrero, CEO of Stefanini Brazil, the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios, as well as agility and customer focus, are essential to becoming a successful leader. “In order for a leader’s career to be long, it is necessary to understand the current moment, identify the main challenges and propose creative solutions that can represent the difference in moments of crisis. It is also essential to have a long-term vision,” emphasizes the executive, who received the award.

“In the corporate environment, the ability to think ‘out of the box’ may represent the great opportunity to do differently. The ability to implement this vision is equally important,” she adds.

According to Marco Stefanini, global CEO of Stefanini, IT service providers such as Stefanini have an even greater challenge: to promote business transformation. To assist its customers in the digital transformation process, Stefanini brings together the latest in cognitive intelligence, loyalty platforms, robotics and BPO, among other solutions.