2016 highlights at Stefanini

2016 highlights at Stefanini

2016 highlights at Stefanini

How Stefanini succeeded in 2016

From Brexit to a political and economic crisis in Brazil, 2016 could have been a challenging year for a company headquartered in Brazil with a strong European presence.
However, as our founder and Global CEO Marco Stefanini explained recently, an ability to thrive on challenges and respond to shifting circumstances is very much part of Stefanini’s DNA.
Following award wins, the launch of new offices and offerings, plus major expansions and acquisitions, 2016 has been a year in which Stefanini has proved just how true that is.
Here are just some of our 2016 highlights:

Winning three awards in Romania

It’s been a bumper year for awards in Romania. At the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards, which almost 200 businesses entered, Stefanini scooped the prize for Best BPO Firm and was also named IT Services Firm of the Year.

Stefanini also triumphed at the National Top Companies awards – organised by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania – where it received first prize in the Call Center Services category.

Completing the haul, Stefanini was named ITO Company Of the Year at the Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence in 2016.

A presence in the main outsourcing markets

Stefanini’s comprehensive outsourcing offering was highlighted when the consulting firm A.T Kearney published its Global Services Location Index.
This showed that Stefanini had a presence in eight of the world’s 10 best outsourcing locations: India, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Philippines, Mexico, Chile and Poland. Romania, one of Stefanini’s other key markets, came 13th in the ranking.

A third office in Romania – plus expansion in the Philippines, Canada, Spain and Portugal

We built on our presence in the world’s 13th most important outsourcing market, when we launched our third office in Romania.

Having launched in April, the office in Targu Mures, in the north of the country, has been steadily growing ever since. There are already some 60 employees based in the office, providing technical assistance to international companies requiring multi-lingual support.

Stefanini demonstrated its truly global focus in 2016 when it also boosted its office in Manila, announcing ambitions to double our workforce to 2,000 employees by 2017.

There was also the launch of a new Lisbon office, four times the size of the previous premises, which further established Portugal as a valuable nearshore delivery location for Stefanini’s European clients.

Stefanini also doubled the size of its office in Spain, offering the potential to create 10 new workstations and expand its range of services and quality of its offering for clients across the country.

Innovative new launches: ConexusCare, Sophie and BPO

Stefanini launched cutting-edge solutions in 2016, including ConexusCare, a brand new concept to support pharmaceutical companies and patients. This was devised to offer patient-centric solutions that support treatment adherence, clinical trial recruitment, eClinical support services and patient retention.

ConexusCare was created through an innovative consortium involving Stefanini’s Life Sciences Business Unit and two leading businesses in the CRM and nursing sectors, Harte Hanks and Novellas Healthcare.

Stefanini also responded to the increasing importance of artificial intelligence with the launch of a cognitive computing platform, Sophie, which is able to automate a broad of business and IT services.

Sophie was fully developed in Stefanini’s R&D labs and is able to understand natural language, generate and evaluate hypotheses to turn data into solutions, and automate knowledge work, including granting and revoking permissions, without human intervention.

There was also a major business process outsourcing (BPO) drive, allowing Stefanini to identify opportunities in the US and Europe. Where Stefanini had previously sold BPO services in Europe and the US on an adhoc basis, this drive allowed Stefanini to proactively sell BPO services in this market and leverage the unique benefits, knowledge and international experience that it can provide over its competitors.

Three major acquisitions

Stefanini completed three significant acquisitions in 2016. These included a deal in which VANguard, an associate Stefanini company specializing in IT governance, security and service management, merged with Scala IT, one of IBM’s top software partners. This has created Stefanini Scala, which already serves almost 100 percent of IBM’s software portfolio in Brazil.
There was also a cyber security joint venture, with one of the largest Israeli defense companies, Rafael. Stefanini Rafael will play an important role in the security of industry automation, particularly with the growth of projects involving the Internet of Things (IoT).

Finally, Stefanini acquired the Colombian company Sysman, which works with ERP solutions focused on government.

Stefanini Global CEO Marco Stefanini says: “On paper, 2016 looked like a difficult year, yet once again, we’ve not just risen to the occasion but truly thrived. I’m hugely proud of everyone for ensuring this is another year in which we’ve expanded, innovated and made strategic acquisitions, while picking up awards along the way.”