The advantages of SCRUM



The characteristics of the SCRUM methodology offers considerable advantages for Agile Project Management. Discover some.

Being one of the main methodologies to manage agile projects, SCRUM ‘s main characteristic is valuing individuals and their interactions, the operation of the software, the collaboration with customers and a good response to changes without disregarding processes, comprehensive documentation, negotiation contracts and predetermined plans.

Sustained by the pillars of transparency, inspection and adaptation, the SCRUM methodology aims to reduce difficulties such as lack of planning, constantly changing requirements, poorly defined scope, lack of customer involvement and communication failures, which are common in most projects implementations. Moreover, SCRUM is based on fast, frequent and continuous delivery of functional software, continuous cooperation between team work and business, technical excellence and simplicity.

All these characteristics of SCRUM provide considerable advantages for the projects leaders and well as for the final clients.

SCRUM and Its Advantages

Meet the main advantages of SCRUM methodology

  • Staff committed: one of the characteristics of SCRUM is that the staff actively participates in defining activities and schedules, so the degree of commitment is greater, as well as motivation.
  • Better overview of the project: with SCRUM, projects that were previously viewed comprehensively and seamlessly just by project managers, now have a backlog with all information accessible to everyone in the delivery team.
  • Less bugs: SCRUM methodology prioritizes the quality and functionality of developments thus the amount of bugs and rework are reduced.
  • Updating of priorities: the customer doesn’t know from the start what is the entire scope of the application, and also how this might change in time, using SCRUM, the client gains the advantage of being flexible on the definition and changing priorities and sequence of activities.
  • Focus on quality of the product: SCRUM methodology focuses more on providing value to the client than on a fixed deadline.

Scrum and Agile Project Management in offering Stefanini

With 26 years’ experience in solutions and technology projects, Stefanini has deep expertise in Agile Project Management and maintains several Centers of Excellence of the SCRUM methodology around the world where you will find highly trained and certified Project Management Professional. Besides SCRUM, Stefanini also offers agile project management with other approaches such as Kanban, we always aim to adapt our offering to meet the specific needs of each client.

Stefanini offers advice and consulting for all stages of growth and maturity of the different types of organization, applying the best market practices and is recognized by the most demanding national and international certifications like ISO, CMMI, MPS – Br and Moprosoft.