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Stefanini Life Sciences Services for clinical trials

The Life Sciences Services (LSS) Business Unit within Stefanini has been successfully supporting customers since the year 2000 through its 100-strong team of specialized support technicians. Our Life Sciences customers include sponsors, medical device companies, technology vendors and CROs.

Since the launch of LSS, we have grown our support capabilities year on year and now provide 24*7*365 coverage in 32 languages to more than 100’000 patients, spread over >26,000 sites globally. Over recent years the LSS has further expanded its services to include pharmacovigilance, financial systems, packing and tracking, etc…

As such, we have been providing support for various customers in the industry for more than 14 years, handling more than 2,000,000 contacts during this time and following all applicable guidelines from the Life Science industry in combination with the ITIL methodology that is used in general IT support services.

During this long journey the LSS has supported several applications such as, Medidata’s RAVE, Phase Forward’s InForm™, Oracle’s OC/RDC, Argus Safety, IMPACT® CTMS and many more. We also provide support within the IT infrastructure of pharmaceutical companies which positions us as a key provider for an end-to-end solution acting as a true SPOC (Single Point of Contact). This allows us to have a broader view on how a pharmaceutical environment interacts with IT as part of a global organization. As such, this enables us to constantly increase and improve our service offering for Life Sciences customers.

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Site assessment

The Site Assessment service was initially defined to fulfill the need to clearly assess a clinical site (hospital, doctor’s office, patient house) on its technical eligibility (computer, internet connection, etc…) for participation to a clinical study.  In case a site doesn’t meet the minimum hardware, software or connectivity requirement, the customer support team will determine the appropriate next steps in collaboration with the Stefanini project team.  The site assessment process has been greatly improved since its creation and is now up to 70% automated. The system has been fully developed by Stefanini and allows users to scan their computers without the need of an ActiveX plug-in or user login. The ‘hash-key’ technology has enabled us to uniquely identify the user population and enables reviewing the user’s technical specifications before defining the suitable next steps.



The provisioning service is initiated in case the site didn’t meet the minimum technical requirements. This service consist of providing any equipment (laptop, printer, scanner, barcode scanner, 3G cards, …) for the site to be fully operational at the go-live of the study. Our shipping specialist team is updated on an on-going basis on the custom clearance requirement. This allows us to ship around the globe (US, Europe, Asia, Latin America,…) at a minimal price.


Application support

The application support service is the core service provided by the LSS team to pharmaceutical customers. This service is provided using multi-channels like phone, e-mail, fax, chat, websubmit and call back requests. Since the beginning we have been supporting all possible applications in the pharmaceutical realm from EDC, ePro application to Financials, packaging, tracking and CTMS solutions. This has been possible with the knowledge accumulated over the years and stored as knowledge base articles for the support technicians. The support is provided in 32 languages which allows the users participating to the study to have a full end-to-end support in his/hers language from the same team. As our team also provides support on account management processes for the application supported the user can call the support for all the questions raised. This allows a smooth participation to the study.


Account management

The account management activity covers many account related request. From the creation of account to the creation of sites in the EDC application through any other requests like password reset in very short timelines as well as the assignment of site to user, creation of site, assigning right to reports, to IVRS administration and many more. With our extensive experience in the area, throughout the years we were able to improve the processes followed by our team which decreases the turnaround time for the user to be operational on the study.


Clinical trial close out

With our experience we fully appreciate the different phases in the study and one of the challenging steps is the clinical trial close out as a lot of coordination needs to happen to finalize the study. We as a service provider, help the pharmaceutical companies to support this close out process. The process usually consists of locking the database, returning any equipment provided to users to insure their participation in the study and burning and shipping the CRFs. During this process we also lock our data for the study and provide all these to our customer. The close out process is like all the other service tailored to the need of the customer and to make sure we bring as much value as possible to the relationship with our customers.


On-site Staffing

In modern times, almost every business is faced with international and multilingual staffing needs for specific projects or for supplement existing teams on temporary or long-term basis.  In some cases, companies may require rapid access to particular talent, in other cases they may not have the technical or linguistic skills that are needed to comply with the imminent job openings.
Through Stefanini’s global Talent Recruitment Centers in the Life Sciences industry, Stefanini has the internal and/or external expertise for meeting our customer worldwide staffing needs.  Profiles include Project Managers, Transition Managers, Application Developers, Contact Center personnel (agent through management level) and any other technical or management profile that our customers require.


Mobile App Development

There’s no doubt that custom applications can provide your business a powerful competitive advantage.  Then again, designing specialized software in-house can be time intensive and pretty costly.  At Stefanini, developing tailored applications is one of our core competencies.  For many years, our Application Development Center has helped our customers across the globe and across all major industries in designing and deploying various applications that drive real, quantifiable business value.
For example, within the Life Sciences industry, Stefanini developed an application that allows for site monitors to keep track of all questions and comments inquired by clinical sites using the software and/or hardware chosen by our customers for conducting their clinical trials.  The mobile application allows them to anticipate on possible issues that would require follow-up by the support team or even impose a physical visit to the site.  This kind of proactive initiative is seen as great evolution in modern support and strives for improving the relationship between support organizations such as Stefanini, the site monitoring teams and the clinical site end-user populations.


Real-Time Medical Devices Support

Against the backdrop of healthcare reforms in the drug development industry, medical technology companies are focusing more than ever on products that deliver cheaper, faster, more efficient patient care.  In parallel, they are also making inroads with government regulators to re-engineer the complex evaluation and approval processes for new medical devices.

Stefanini’s Life Sciences Services are here to service customers in everything from general questions, clinical applications support and technical/IT product support for a wide variety of medical devices that are deployed by medical devices companies to their internal and external user populations.  Our global and multilingual delivery model offers highly trained specialists with the knowledge and expertise to quickly find answers intended for medical devices users to any question they may have linked to the usage of their device.  They can reach our support specialists by phone, e-mail or by requesting interactive service online such as WebChat.


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