Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

Mobility has completely redefined traditional boundaries of IT and the relationship between technology, location, and work. If you’re one of the thousands of businesses across the globe that is struggling to keep up with the ever-growing mobility demands of your end users, while trying to keep your company’s data secure, then it’s time to contact the highly skilled Mobility team at Stefanini.

Stefanini – Experts in the EMM World

Enterprise Mobile Management software monitors, secures, manages, and supports mobile devices deployed across a wide spectrum of mobile operators, service providers, and enterprises. Stefanini understands that in order to be successful in the EMM arena, an enterprise must do the following:

  • Provide for secure storage of enterprise data
  • Properly authenticate users when accessing corporate apps
  • Have the ability to register devices that wish access to corporate apps
  • Control how data flows on and off mobile devices
  • Have the ability to lock, and/or wipe enterprise data from, devices that are lost, stolen or otherwise compromised
  • Deploy policies in support of enterprise data security to mobile devices in a context-aware manner wherever possible
  • Use an EMM tool that can locate lost devices
  • Know that security risks associated with the use of mobile devices require a “defense in depth” or “layered” approach to security

We Partner With the Best

Stefanini is proud to be partners with Kony, Inc., a global leader in Application Development Services. The relationship has broadened to include the Kony Management Cloud, Kony’s industry leading Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) Suite. Kony Management Cloud enhances our EMM service offering, and is a natural extension to our mobile application development services.

Let Stefanini help develop a strategy that maximizes your business opportunities while minimizing IT challenges and risk. Contact us today!

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